Lucy Liu wants to be cryogenically frozen when she dies.
The ‘Kill Bill’ star would like her corpse to be preserved in sub-zero temperatures in the clothes closet of late US socialite Nan Kempner, who was renowned for her expensive collection of garments.
Liu told style expert Simon Doonan for his book ‘Eccentric Glamour’: “When I die I wish to be cryogenically frozen in Nan Kempner’s closet, and when I wake up, I can choose from her incredible collection. That would be wonderful.”
In 2003, Kempner – who died aged 74 in 2005 – was placed 20th on the New York Post’s list of the city’s 50 most fashionable women.
Liu is not the only star with a bizarre post-death request.
Tilda Swinton – who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar earlier this year for her performance in ‘Michael Clayton’ – told Doonan: “When I die I want to be buried in a shallow grave of sand, done up to the nines in a huge flowery chiffon dress, stretched out like a sail on a beach in the Hebrides, off Scotland, and pecked to pieces by birds!lucy-liu