According to Celebitchy, Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis is quite an act.  Apparently Brandon’s mom called up a pal, Tom Arnold, when she thought her dear boy was in a spot of trouble at a Beverly Hills hotel.  I guess they thought Davis was locked in his room & couldn’t figure out how to unlock the door?

Tom rushed over to the hotel, wielding a baseball bat, to assist Paris Hilton’s BFF in his time of need; only a scared young woman in the room alone.  How odd.  Here’s the scoop from none other than your favorite Enquirer:

“Wielding a baseball bat, Tom Arnold rushed to the rescue of bad boy Brandon Davis – after the billionaire heir’s worried mom begged Tom to save her troubled son.

[He] stormed into the ritzy Beverly Hills Hotel lobby on Jan 9, waving a bat and demanding: “Where’s Brandon Davis’ room?…”

His mom, socialite Nancy Davis, and Arnold are close pals – and she asked Arnold to rescue Brandon when she thought he was at the hotel with some rough companions.

“Tom charged into the hotel and told security he’d received a call that Brandon, who has a history of drug problems, was ‘pretty messed up and was with multiple guys who could be dangerous’ in a room there,” said a source.

“Security ran up to the room with Tom, expecting a big showdown. But by the time they got there, all they found was a frightened young girl.””

What a funny tale.  Now if it was only true, then we would really have something.

You tell me- Do you believe what the National Enquirer prints?tom-arnold