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Thanks to Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has become the wealthiest star in the UK under 30 years of age. The actor has made an estimated £45.6 million (about $71 million), £25 million of which comes from the final two films in the series The Deathly Hallows alone.
For context, that’s almost £15 million more than the second-placed star, 25-year-old Keira Knightley, who has made a fortune of £30.1 million (about $47 million) so far.
Four of the top five money-makers in the list compiled by heat magazine come from the wizard movie series made famous by Daniel, with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint making £20.6 million ($32 million) and £19 million ($29.6 million) respectively.
Twilight: Saga star Robert Pattinson was placed fifth, having earned £18.5 million ($28.8 million) so far.
Britain’s highest earning music star is singer Leona Lewis, who has generated a £12.5 million ($19.5 million) fortune since winning The X Factor in 2006, placing her in sixth place.
Heat editor Sam Delaney said the list proved not all rich people are “corrupt, cigar-chomping fat cats.”
He said: “In these tight financial times, there’s a great deal of animosity felt towards society’s richest. But who could possibly resent the millions earned by a charming young rascal like Daniel Radcliffe?

Harry Potter Leaving London

Jul 8, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

Continuing on with his “Harry Potter” promotions, Daniel Radcliffe was spotted catching a departing flight at London’s Heathrow International Airport this afternoon (July 8).

The British heartthrob looked a bit tuckered out as he slid past the paparazzi sporting a black baseball cap with a black jacket, t-shirt, and trousers, en route to New York City for an appearance on “It’s On With Alexa Chung.”

In related news, Daniel recently confessed that he has a thing for women older than him, and he’s been enjoying the company of several ladies as of late.

"I’ve been out with a couple of women who have been older than me. I think it’s the maturity thing more than anything else, but that was when I was younger – girls my age are now mature, so it’s great. I’ve widened the field!"

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Enjoy the pictures of Daniel Radcliffe jetting out of Heathrow Airport (July 8).

Daniel Radcliffe Drag Queen Obsession

May 8, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Daniel Radcliffe

Is Daniel Radcliffe on the “down low?”

The young Brit, who won our hearts with his inspired performances as the title character in the Harry Potter film franchise, has reportedly become enamored with the drag subculture since moving to New York City to appear in the Broadway production Equus. In fact, sources tell Britain’s The Sun that Dan has new crossdressing bestie; the 19-year-old has been spending all of his free time getting friendly with a Dolly Parton-impersonating transvestite named Our Lady J (Pictured Above).

“Daniel is fascinated by the drag culture and is always asking questions.”

The insider adds, “He went to a few shows and was made to feel very welcome. He’s a lovely guy and he and Our Lady J got on like a house on fire. They have eaten out together and been to parties. They have become quite close.”

Daniel Radcliffe1

Daniel Radcliffe is The Harry Puffer

Feb 5, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Daniel Radcliffe

While many smokers all over the world resolve to quit each year as a New Year’s resolution, Daniel Radcliffe certainly isn’t one of them.

The “Harry Potter” stud (who reportedly smokes a pack a day) was spotted having a smoke as he chatted with his ex-girlfriend Laura O’Toole while braving the chilly New York City weather yesterday (January 6).daniel-radcliffe

As for his boyish good looks, Daniel recently revealed that he prefers to maintain some facial hair to prevent him from looking too young.

The 19-year-old actor told press, “Without it, I get asked for ID all the time. Yet, I get my kit off every night.” He also said that he loves it when his “Harry Potter” fans visit the theater to see him in “Equus.”

“It’s a whole new set of challenges. The Harry Potter thing is useful because there will be a lot of people who’ve never been to the theater before. And if we can [bring them to the theater], that’s amazing.”

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