What happened to Patrick?

In 1992, Olivia’s father died that same holiday weekend. And during that 4th of July holiday in 1992, the singer learned also she had breast cancer. “I didn’t have a real chance to grieve my father because I had to cope with my own survival. So it was a very, very difficult time.” Three years later, she divorced her first husband Matt Lattanzi that she has a daughter Chloe, 22, with. And then in 2002, he boyfriend Patrick McDermott passed. How? Reportedly McDermott disappeared during a fishing expedition.


LALATE has located an unconfirmed and undated website that claims that McDermott is alive in Mexico. The website (findpatrickmcdermott.com) in an undated post states:

“Over the past 20 months there have been 16 sightings of Patrick in Mexico. Investigators have been tracking Patrick throughout Mexico. He is believed to be working on a Yacht in the pacfic ocean. Investigators have tracked McDermott to a small town north of Puerto Vallarta through investigative means. Investigators believe that McDermott will again attempt to find a location in Mexico to hid in order not to be seen by the public and to keep a low profile. He was last seen less than 60 days ago.”