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American actress and model Blake Lively is the sparkling shape on the cover page of entertainment magazine Cosmopolitan Australia for the month of February 2011. She might be the center of attention on Gossip Girl but she is not an average Hollywood star.

Blake-Lively-Cosmopolitan-1 Blake-Lively-Cosmopolitan-2 Blake-Lively-Cosmopolitan-3

Following a full day of “Gossip Girl” filming duties, Blake Lively changed up outfits and headed out for a night on the town in New York City on Wednesday.

The Serena van der Woodsen actress looked bright and cheery as she attended the launch of Vertu’s smartphone held at Berry Hill Galleries.

As for her “Gossip Girl” happenings, Blake and the gang return for all-new episode titled “Easy J” airing Monday (October 25) at 9/8c on The CW.

A synopsis via the show’s website tells: “Although Blair (Leighton Meester) made it perfectly clear that Little J was no longer welcome in Manhattan after what happened with Chuck (Ed Westwick), Jenny (Taylor Momsen) is tempted by a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Tim Gunn (“Project Runway”), which could be a game changer for her future. Meanwhile, Serena (Blake Likely) discovers something about her new boyfriend, Colin (guest star Sam Page), that may put an end to their relationship just as it was getting good.”

Blake Lively Back To Work On Her New Movie Project

Nov 7, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Blake Lively

Blake Lively1

Getting back to work on her new movie project, Blake Lively was spotted on the set of “The Town” in Boston, Massachusetts on Friday afternoon.

Aside from chatting on her cell phone in between takes, the “Gossip Girl” actress looked to have thoroughly enjoyed a friendly visit from her adorable little co-workers during the course of the day’s duties.

In related news, Miss Lively recently revealed to Marie Claire that her mom enrolled her in the first grade at the young age of 3-years-old.

“When I was only 3 years old, my mom enrolled me in the first grade. My older brother was supposed to start school, but he didn’t want to go alone, so my mom told them I was 6 since I was so tall. But after a few weeks, they said they would have to put me in mentally disabled classes because I wasn’t up to pace with the rest of the kids,” she explains.

Miss Lively continues, “They thought that I was slow because all I wanted to do was sleep while the other kids were doing their projects. So my mom took me out of school. I kind of feel like I grew up at Disneyland,” Blake explained. “My mom would take me there twice a week. I did well in school, so I guess my mom just wanted to have some extra time to bond with me. Sometimes, when I was older, she’d keep me out till one in the morning. We only stayed out late on weekends. We’d get a hotel room and then go to Denny’s, drink coffee, and talk for hours.”

Nonetheless, everything turned out for the best, as Blake tells, “I’ve always been a night owl. Even at home, we’d stay up all night talking. My mom tells the most amazing stories. In a way, she was kind of raising me to be a great actress without even realizing it.”

“Gossip Girl” Stars Get Back to Work

Jun 29, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Gearing up for a sure-to-be riveting third season of “Gossip Girl,” Ed Westwick LeightonMeester, and  Blake Lively were spotted hard at work this morning.

The CW hotties looked to be in fine form as they meandered around the New York City set filming scenes and hanging out during breaks.

Miss Meester looked lovely in a white and yellow top with jeans as she smiled and chatted with a security guard, while Blake kept covered with a black robe and tan UGG boots.

Representing the fellas, Mr. Westwick was hunky and handsome in a blue striped shirt/blue paisley tie/red suspenders combo with grey trousers and a neatly-parted coif.

Newest “it” girl Blake Lively may play a party girl in the teen CW series “Gossip Girl,” but this 20-year-old blonde beauty insists she’s nothing like Serena in real life.

Donning the fun, fearless female pose on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine’s September issue, Lively talks about her real-life persona, claiming her love life isn’t as outrageous as her TV character.

She says, “There wasn’t a period in my life like Serena went through, where I was doing drugs and having sex with my best friend’s boyfriend.”

“I never went through that kind of crazy.”

In fact, she says she has kissed just three people in her life, not counting her TV or movie partners, of course.

Although she wasn’t as privileged as her TV role, she is an overachiever herself in her high school.

She says, “I was class president, on the cheerleading squad, in a competitive show choir, and in, like, six different clubs.”

Lively, who is currently starring in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2,” reveals a lot more in her interview with the magazine in its September issue.

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