Making for quite the busy weekend,  Rachelle Lefevre was spotted making her rounds all over Los Angeles on Friday and Saturday (March 27-28).

Looking as if she just rolled out of bed, the “Twilight” actress took her dog, Suckle, for a walk wearing a fluffy bathrobe – during which time she managed to flash her panties for following paparazzi.


After changing her clothes, Miss Lefevre then toted her pet pooch over to Mani’s Bakery, where she was interviewed by a female journalist.

Once finished up with her casual interview, the redhead beauty took advantage of the sunny weather, going for a jog in Venice Beach with a friend before meeting up for lunch at BLD with her boyfriend, “The Tudors” star Jamie Thomas King.

The previous day, Rachelle and her beau made the trip to Trader Joe’s with their reusable grocery bags, playing a game of catch with the toilet paper upon arriving back home.