Flavor Flav chose his love on Monday night of May 19, 2008. This was the season finale for Flevor of love3.

The lady Flavor Flav chose was ……. Thing 2. This meant that “Black”, whose real name was Candace Cabrera, was the runner up.flavor-of-love

The winner was a complete surprise. This was because the episode strated with Black and Sinceer as the Finale’s two candidates. Flavor Flav changed this completely when he brought back Thing2 to become one of the final contestants too. Flavor and Black traveled to Monaco. Later, it was Thing 2’s turn to travel to Paris with Flavor.

Eventually, Flavor chose Thing 2 to be his final winner for this season.

Thing 2’s name was Latresha. She was 26 and worked as a healthcare person in Artesia, California. Latresha was also the identical twin sister of a previously voted down contestant, Latrisha, aka Thing 1.