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The European Premiere of 'Dumbo' held at the Curzon Mayfair

Eva Green wore Alexandre Vauthier to the London premiere of Dumbo. I love the color and design, minus the shoulder pads. [Red Carpet Fashion Awards]
Kids will be traumatized if they find out that… Elton John is gay. Thus, Elton’s sexuality cannot be explicitly portrayed in Rocketman?? [Towleroad]
I have an aversion to Gabrielle Union’s stripes-mixing. [Go Fug Yourself]
Welcome to Pound Town. LMAO, I’m 12. [Pajiba]
Did an American figure skater slash a Korean competitor’s leg with a skate blade? This story is so Tonya Harding-esque, my lord. [Dlisted]
Would you name your child Ursula? [LaineyGossip]
Finland thinks Nikki Haley is an idiot, and it’s true, she is. [Jezebel]
Jax Taylor from Pump Rules clarifies his Navy record. [Starcasm]
Sonja Morgan sounds over the whole Real Housewife thing. [Reality Tea]

Gemma Chan covers April issue of Allure

Mar 22, 2019 Author: | Filed under: Celebrities

I’m exaggerating here. It’s two magazine covers, that hardly qualifies as a month conquered. At the same time, it feels like a big deal to me. One day, maybe it won’t feel like anything at all because it won’t be unusual. For now, though, it’s something to highlight.

Lana Condor covered the Marc…

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A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Feb 10, 2019 at 1:00pm PST

I love melodramatic stan culture, truly. There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting glimpse into the stan-worlds of Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Tom Hiddleston (oof!) or Beyonce. From what I’ve seen, Rihanna’s Army doesn’t really make a habit of going after people. But Taylor’s Snake fam and Beyonce’s Beyhive are really ON IT. Like, they scour the internet for any and all references to their respective queens.

Something interesting has happened in the Beyhive post-Lemonade too: once Beyonce used an album (and a visual album/event) to detail how Jay-Z is a Becky-chasing cheater, the Beyhive now regularly patrols and polices any and every woman who is in contact with Jay-Z. Like, Beyonce doesn’t even need to hire a private investigator – the Beyhive does it for free. Last month, the Beyhive swarmed on Lori Harvey because she LOOKED at Jay-Z and there was video evidence. No joke. Granted, Lori did seem very flirty. The Beyhive descended and swarmed her social media with bee emojis and Lori Harvey was officially on notice. But what happens when a celebrity woman mentions that she once made eyes at Jay-Z before he was even with Beyonce?!?

Tamera Mowry reminisced about feeling charmed by Jay-Z long before their respective marriages to Adam Housley and Beyoncé — and now the Beyhive is on the move.

“I actually met Jay-Z in person, and he wasn’t with Beyoncé at the time and I wasn’t dating anybody,” the Real cohost, 40, recalled on the talk show’s Wednesday, March 20, episode. “And when I met him, you do get, like, hit with the charm.” As cohost Loni Love literally sipped tea, Mowry confessed that she “strangely” found herself asking the rapper, now 49, for a piece of chewing gum.

“It’s so weird,” she continued. “My sister and I were at a premiere of Nutty Professor and he walked by. And I was like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s Jay-Z!’ I was like, ‘Can I have some gum?’ And he gave me some gum.”

When Jeannie Mai asked the Sister, Sister alum why Jay-Z caught her eye, she replied, “I don’t know! It was his charm. … I was 23. I hadn’t even met Adam. Adam wasn’t even in the picture.” Still clutching her teacup, Love, 47, then exclaimed, “It could’ve been Jay-Z and Tamera?! Wow.”

After the Disney Channel alum shared her story, Queen Bey’s fiercely protective legion of fans swarmed to Instagram and flooded the comments section of Mowry’s latest selfie with Housley with bee emojis.

“You may need some bee repellent sis,” one Instagram user quipped. Another commented, “I’m just here to see if the BeyHive is attacking you.”

[From Us Weekly]

I looked through Tamera’s most recent Instagram posts and there were definitely some bee-emoji comments and “watch your back sis” threats, but it really wasn’t a full-on Beyhive swarm. I hope that’s because Tamera was merely trying to compliment Jay-Z as having a certain kind of energy or charm, a general sort of magnetism. Which I’ve always believed about him – I know people make fun of Jay-Z for not looking like Morris Chestnut, but I completely believe that when you meet Jay-Z in person, he’s probably quite magnetic, charming and interesting. He has that energy. Still, if the Beyhive is going to swarm on every woman who finds him charming… well, they’re going to be pretty busy.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, WENN.
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Premiere

Sarah wrote earlier this week about Hustlers, the movie based on The Hustlers at Scores who scammed the wealthy men patronising the establishment. With casting now complete, filming is underway – here’s Constance Wu in costme today in New York fully looking the part. This is not Rachel Chu. This is …

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Introducing our second April issue subscriber cover: @MirandaKerr is a supermodel, successful entrepreneur, and one half of a power couple — and has no plans to slow down. Hustling comes natural to the founder of @KoraOrganics, who has spent more than a decade transforming the company from a small passion project to a leading wellness brand carried in 25 countries. Read @Alison_Syrett’s full profile at the link in bio. | Photographed by @alexandersaladrigas; Styled by @seanknight

A post shared by instylemagazine (@instylemagazine) on Mar 14, 2019 at 6:00am PDT

Miranda Kerr was given the “second cover” for the April issue of InStyle, the first cover being Ciara. For some reason, Miranda was also given this cover without needing to really promote something immediately. I mean, the interview is clearly being done to promote her organic beauty line, Kora Organics, but she’s been promoting that for years all over the place. Why this very moment? I don’t know, it’s yet another baffling editorial choice. Another weird editorial choice? Miranda looks really pissed off at someone or something in all of these photos! She’s not someone with RBF either, she was really making some grumpy faces. Anyway, here are some highlights from her interview – it’s not only a promotion for Kora, it’s a sponcon testimonial for Snapchat, lol.

Her kids will have jobs & pay their own way: “I told Flynn that if he wants a car, he needs to start saving now,” Kerr says, explaining why her 8-year-old son (with her ex-husband, actor Orlando Bloom) was interested in setting up a lemonade stand. “He needs to learn the importance of working for himself because I had to do that.”

How she started Kora Organics: “I was talking to a friend in 2006 about how cool it would be to find a certified-organic skin-care range or even to create one. She said, ‘I know this organic chemist in Melbourne. Why don’t you talk to her?’ Things just steamrolled from there.” Well, sort of. It took three more years and endless prototypes to officially launch Kora, in part because Kerr was determined to meet Ecocert’s Cosmos standards, a strict set of eco-focused regulations on production and ingredients. “A lot of products out there claim to be all-natural but have only one organic ingredient. I didn’t want any of that greenwashing BS! It takes a lot of effort and money to get certified, but I thought, ‘If this is something I want for myself, why wouldn’t I offer it to everyone else?’?”

Living organically is a family thing: Evan Spiegel has become an avid user of her Noni Glow face oil and turmeric mask, Flynn shops the local farmers market near their home in L.A.

On her son Hart, with husband Evan: “We decided as a couple to keep him private for as long as possible. The only way we send photos of him to relatives on the other side of the world is through Snapchat because it’s such a safe way to communicate.”

What else she loves about Snapchat: “The filters are so much fun — the heart eyes are my favorite. The best part is you don’t have to wear any makeup because the lens does all the work for you.”

[From InStyle]

The Snapchat testimonial is so dumb and obvious, my God. It’s also hilarious to me because it feels like… Miranda cares more about her husband’s business than he does? Maybe I’m wrong. But when even Kardashian-Jenners are opting for Instagram Stories rather than Snap, that’s a bad sign. As for what she says about Flynn needing to make money at the age of 8 – yeah, I’m all for teaching kids the value of a dollar at a young age. Teach them how to have a work ethic, teach them that mommy and daddy aren’t going to give them everything, that they’re value in earning things for themselves. But also: Flynn’s stepfather is Evan Spiegel, a silver spoon frat-boy brat whose daddy would buy him everything he ever wanted. How will that balance out?

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A post shared by instylemagazine (@instylemagazine) on Mar 14, 2019 at 6:05am PDT

Photos courtesy of InStyle’s IG.


In our seventh Gossip With Celebitchy Podcast, we talked about plastic surgery, particularly Kim Kardashian and Gisele Bundchen’s bad work and Sharon Stone, Glenn Close and other celebrities who have had good work. Around 2:45 we discussed liquid facelifts and I mentioned that one of the real housewives had admitted to that. At the time I didn’t remember which one, but it was Jill Zarin in 2011. Zarin explained that she’d achieved a very tight, immovable, pulled-looking face (my words obviously) through Botox and Restylane.

Buzzfeed news has an article about the rise of injectables, which more people and dermatologists are opting for instead of traditional surgery. They’re also rising in popularity due to social media. You can look younger, albeit with the risk of looking freakish, with some expertly applied fillers. Lisa Vanderpump, 58, is quoted, and she says that she likes getting injectables as opposed to surgery because it doesn’t have any down time and she can continue her feuds and pettiness to make headlines. In this article she denies getting a facelift in a roundabout way. She phrases it so vaguely it’s hard to tell. People Magazine points out that Lisa told Lisa Rinna on RHOBH last season that she hasn’t had a facelift.

The rise of injectables instead of surgery
Diamond is one of a handful of plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists who’ve made names for themselves on Instagram for their ability to work what looks like magic with nothing more than numbing cream and syringes. On these doctors’ social media pages, where follower counts range from the tens of thousands into the millions, you can watch them inject their patients — largely, though not exclusively, young women — with fillers meant to sharpen their jawlines, make their noses appear straighter and more symmetrical, and pump up their pouts. Results that used to require spending tens of thousands of dollars on surgery (and risking its sometimes-grisly consequences) are now available to anyone with half an hour and a couple thousand dollars to spare.

It’s becoming more common and socially acceptable
Injectables aren’t just changing our faces, creating a planet of girls with the same social media–approved full lips and sharp jaws. Their accessibility, shorter recovery time, and near-instantaneous results have encouraged people who wouldn’t normally consider having surgery to contemplate heading to doctors’ offices in their quest for a more perfect face. Add patients’ increasing willingness to disclose their procedures, and we’re rapidly heading into a world where fillers and Botox are considered in the same category as daubing on a little lipstick: Why wouldn’t you, if it makes you feel the way you want to feel, and look the way you want to look?

Lisa Vanderpump on getting maintenance injectables
“Dr. Ourian is all about keeping the quality of the skin good, because even if you have a great facelift, if you have skin that’s crepey it’s not going to have the desired result,” Lisa Vanderpump, an original cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and longtime patient of Dr. Ourian’s explains over the phone. She sees the doctor for lasering, plus the occasional Botox and fillers. “I’m on television, and I’m 58 years old. My skin would not look as good as it does were it not for Dr. Simon Ourian,” she says.

“I’ve always been a bit reticent really to go under the knife,” she says. “But the way things have changed, I don’t think it’s necessary. Well, none of it is necessary, clearly,” she adds, laughing.

“I’m on camera — I’ve got three shows on the air, I’m in the restaurant every night,” Vanderpump notes. “You could document me every day pretty much for the past eight years. I don’t have time for that downtime.”

“I say, ‘Do this, you’ll feel better,’” Vanderpump explains of her pitch to potential patients. “A friend of mine was going on about needing a top lip forever, and I finally said, ‘Don’t tell me about it. Do it!’ If something about your face makes you unhappy, just do it.”

[From Buzzfeed]

Injectables and “liquid facelifts” can look really obvious when compared to some good, subtle facelifts. You can get a facelift, have it settle and then some wrinkles come back to make it look more realistic and less “worked on.” This is what my mom did, and you really can’t tell she’s had work done. It was quite expensive though as the article points out. It’s much cheaper, easier and less invasive to just get fillers and Botox. Plus it’s reversible. If you don’t like the results, you can just wait for them to wear off.

As for Lisa, she looks otherworldly and not in a good way. I wouldn’t want her look, I thought she looked better in 2010 and I’ll leave it at that. Oh and we didn’t cover puppygate, because none of us watch that show and it was too complicated. Isn’t that Lisa’s job though, to manufacture enough drama so that she can propel her own projects?

Lisa on September 10, 2010.

Lisa just two months later, on November 18, 2010.

Here’s what Dr. Diamond, who was quoted in the article, is touting as an ideal jawline, achieved through filler. She looks good and not too worked on, but I still don’t get it.

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An in-depth explanation of what a perfect example of #DiamondFacialSculpting should be.

A post shared by Dr. Jason Diamond MD (@drjasondiamond) on Dec 26, 2018 at 11:21am PST

This is quite a difference though:

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A post shared by Dr. Jason Diamond MD (@drjasondiamond) on Feb 5, 2019 at 6:41pm PST


photos credit: WENN and via Instagram

Yesterday Us Weekly came out with a nothing story about Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner “hanging out”. Their source “doesn’t believe it’s romantic” right now but made sure to mention that the “hanging out” also involves Jeremy’s daughter Ava, as if to suggest that if Ava’s there, it must mean that Gaga …


I’ve never enjoyed those YouTube makeup tutorials, or those hour-long videos on makeup and makeup-testing in general. Part of the reason I’ve never enjoyed that stuff is because I don’t know much about makeup, and part of the reason is that I don’t even care enough to wear makeup. All that being said, I enjoyed the hell out of this Vogue video of Cindy Crawford. Cindy speaks to camera as she’s applying her “daily face,” and I kind of admire her for being 53 years old and going without makeup completely in the start of the video. I also love that her whole process doesn’t involve 12 million products and an hour to apply them all. Cindy’s not a drag queen, and her daily beauty routine probably takes seven minutes, tops, if that. It takes so long in the video because she’s explaining what she’s doing and telling stories of her modeling days with Iman, Naomi, Linda Evangelista and more (that’s the best part). Here’s the video:

As Cindy explains in the video, as she’s gotten older, she wears less makeup, not more, saying: “I have found as I’ve gotten older I wear way less makeup. I would say that’s the biggest evolution for me which is kind of counter intuitive, but that also means that taking care of your skin is more important because you’re not covering it up with makeup.” She’s no longer a big fan of powders, because she thinks they make an older woman’s face look too creasey. Cindy also says, “My husband hates makeup, so this is already too much makeup for him. But I do explain to him that women do makeup for other women, not men.” Which is partly true, I guess. I think most men like their wives and girlfriends to go for a more natural look, but I’m not positive that women wear makeup for other women.

She honestly doesn’t look crazy-Botoxed in the video, right? Her makeup-free face is sort of a revelation to me – you can tell she’s had something done to her mouth (especially her upper lip, which seems frozen in a snarl), but her face moves, her eyebrows move, and she has some legit dark circles (no disrespect, so do I and I’m more than a decade younger than her).

Photos courtesy of WENN.
The British Fashion Awards 2018

Jennifer Lopez visits a studio in Long Island

Here are some photos of Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez out and about in New York all of this week. They stepped out a few times together, but mostly they’ve been doing separate pap strolls. Jennifer has been showing off her assorted Birkin bags too, which of course I love, even though I know Birkins are now sort of “over” because they’re used by Real Housewives and Kardashians. I also adore A-Rod’s man-bag in that photo too – I would love that as an overnight bag, but I bet it costs $50K.

Even though J-Rod hasn’t done a million “engagement pap stroll” photos in New York, I still believe in them. I believe that they’re going to make it down the aisle and that they’re somewhat well-suited for each other. Guess who else believes that? Barack Obama!! Barry O sent J-Rod a handwritten letter congratulating them on their engagement, and A-Rod posted it on social media:

This means the world to us.
#44 pic.twitter.com/TyIQTMAOpW

— Alex Rodriguez (@AROD) March 22, 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Obama’s handwriting and GOD I MISSED IT. I also didn’t realize that Obama and A-Rod were friends? Jennifer knows the Obamas, and she was politically active (as a donor/fundraiser/Latina activist) during the Obama administration too. But A-Rod? Hm. As for whether it’s inappropriate to post a private message from the former president… I mean, I would brag about it too. If Barry O sent me a handwritten letter, I would post that sh-t all over social media too.

Alex Rodriguez is out in NYC making power moves in pinstriped suit!

Jennifer Lopez shopping with her daughter in Manhattan

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.
Andrew Gillum Campaigns with Former US President Barack Obama
Newly Engaged Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez step out to the Polo Bar to enjoy a late night dinner in NYC
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez head to the Polo Bar for dinner
Alex Rodriguez is out in NYC making power moves in pinstriped suit!
Jennifer Lopez shopping with her daughter in Manhattan
Jennifer Lopez visits a studio in Long Island

After a stunning debut like Get Out, anything less than equal success is bound to seem like a disappointment. Such is the case for Jordan Peele’s sophomore feature film, Us. Is it bad? Emphatically NO. But it’s not as deep or thematically grounded as Get Out, which is bound to feel like a disappoint…

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