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Since October 2018, there’s been a debate about when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told Harry’s family about Meghan’s pregnancy. We heard in real time, right after Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank, that Harry and Meghan “announced” they were expecting at Eugenie’s reception. I tend to believe that the Yorks were mad about the Sussexes “stealing Eugenie’s thunder” and the Yorks were the original source of the reporting. Then in Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s Finding Freedom, they sort of confirmed the Yorks’ story and claimed that Harry and Meghan were telling people at Eugenie’s wedding and that Eugenie wasn’t too happy about it. So what did Prince Harry say about this stale gossip in his memoir? Well… um, he confirms Finding Freedom’s version, although he doesn’t say if Eugenie was mad.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, wrote that he and Meghan hoped to start a family after tying the knot in May 2018. A few months later, they were thrilled to learn that the Duchess of Sussex, 41, was expecting, and told the royal family at his cousin Princess Eugenie’s wedding that October.

Writing that they were “deliriously happy” for Eugenie and her groom, Jack Brooksbank, Harry said that he and Meghan delayed departing for their first royal tour as a married couple to attend the wedding festivities. The celebrations also gave the Sussexes “a chance to pull aside family members one by one and tell them our good news.”

“At Windsor, just before a drinks reception for the bride and groom, we cornered Pa in his study. He was sitting behind his big desk, which afforded his favorite view, straight down the Long Walk… He was delighted to learn that he was going to be a grandfather for a fourth time; his wide smile warmed me,” Prince Harry said of confiding in his father, King Charles III.

“After the drinks reception, in St. George’s Hall, Meg and I pulled Willy aside. We were in a big room, suits of armor on the walls. Strange room, strange moment. We whispered the news, and Willy smiled and said we must tell Kate,” he continued of telling Prince William and Kate Middleton. “She was across the room, talking to [her sister] Pippa. I said we could do it later, but he insisted. So we went and told Kate and she also gave a big smile and hearty congratulations. They both reacted exactly as I’d hoped — as I’d wished.”

[From People]

Yeah, so… Harry and Meghan were telling close family at Eugenie’s wedding, but they didn’t make some big announcement in the middle of the reception and they weren’t telling everyone there. Now, did William, Kate and Charles spread the news around? Perhaps. Was it “bad form” to tell people at Eugenie’s wedding? Eh. Harry took pains to say that he only told Charles, William and Kate. I also suspect it was the first time he saw his family in several weeks/months too.

How this story developed over the years is a real case study in the media trying to drive wedges between family members. What was nice about Spare is that Harry made it pretty clear that he’s always been super-tight with Eugenie. We can see that with how close they still are, and how she visited the Sussexes in California last year. Maybe there are some minor family squabbles about thunder-stealing, but I trust that Eugenie is still tight with the Sussexes no matter what.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN.

Yesterday, the Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales left one of their four homes and traveled 10-15 minutes to the Windsor Foodshare, a food bank for the food-insecure people in the Windsor area. William and Kate arrived empty-handed, and they played around with a shopping cart and cracked “jokes” about who was being more useful (neither). They met with some of the food bank workers and jazz hands were flapped. All in all, I heard that they barely spent an hour on this photo-op. That hour was enough to get them an extensive People Magazine write-up, complete with quotes from one of the food bank workers. The quotes sound like they came straight from Kensington Palace, stuff like “They were comfortable in everything they were doing. They’re such a lovely couple….They wanted to be involved, they wanted to be hands-on and not just come and see what we were doing. They asked, ‘Can we physically get involved and do stuff?’ I’m more than happy for more hands to help.”

You might say “hey, even if they turned up to a food bank empty-handed, at least they raised awareness and made it abundantly clear where people can donate, right?” LOL. No. They posted photos on their Instagram with no details about how and where to donate. On Twitter, their staff made a lil’ fan-cam of William and Kate “working” at the food bank, with zero links to any Windsor Foodshare accounts and zero information about where to donate. William and Kate are worse than useless.

Meanwhile, William and Kate want credit for thinking about volunteering during King Charles’s three-day Chubbly. One of those days is supposed to be “The Big Help Out,” aka a national day of service. Keep in mind, this is more than four months away and the Keens want advance credit for thinking about volunteering. No wonder the British media keeps asking “where’s Meghan?” These two are amazingly bad at this.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

At this point, I really do believe that Prince William and Kate are the dumbest ones in the Windsor clan. It’s a close race, and I’m not saying they’re the only morons. But the sheer volume of unforced errors coming from William and Kate is truly astounding. If the British media actually made the barest of efforts, William and Kate’s idiocy would be completely exposed. Think of their gleeful colonialist staging during the Caribbean Flop Tour. Think of their inability to bring donations to refugee centers and foodbanks. Think of how incapable they are of speaking without offending everyone.

One of the worst mistakes was William’s decision – cosigned by staff!! – to refuse to invite the Earthshot finalists to Boston in December for the big Earthshot Prize ceremony. William made a point of flying in celebrities and pop stars, but not the environmentalists and scientists he was supposed to be honoring. Well, this week, there was a small acknowledgement that “mistakes were made.” The Earthshot finalists were invited to Windsor for a “retreat,” and William met them all for the very first time. D’oh!

The Prince of Wales was deep in conversation with the finalists of the 2022 Earthshot Prize this afternoon at a retreat in Windsor, telling one woman her story was ‘unbelievable’. Prince William, 41, met with the innovators for the first time at the Earthshot Prize Fellowship Retreat in Cumberland Lodge at Windsor Great Park, which is part of the Earthshot Prize’s Fellowship Programme.

The father-of-three looked comfortable in a sharp suit, warming himself up with a blue jumper, as he chatted to each the finalists from this year’s awards which took place in Boston in December and asked how he could help them achieve their goals. He looked engrossed in conversation as he spoke, engaging in one of his greatest passions, while the finalists told him about their plans for 2023 and the years to come.

He spoke to Min Wang, whose company, Desert Agricultural Transformation, turns desert sand into agricultural land. She invited William to visit one of her project’s sites in China. He said: ‘If I am passing by I will be visiting all of your projects. I have made a note to my team.’

He added: ‘So by year 10 I will still be visiting Earthshot projects.’

He then met Charlot Magayi, whose company Mukuru makes clean and reliable cook stoves for low-income households in western Kenya. Ms Magayi grew up in Mukuru, the third largest slum in Kenya. Her business focuses on providing families with clean stoves that are less likely to expose them to harmful air pollution in their own homes. William gave her a particularly warm greeting. ‘Congratulations,’ he said. ‘The last time I saw you you were surrounded by children. Your story is unbelievable.’

William went into private group sessions with the finalists, where they spoke to him about their hopes and ambitions for the year ahead. As part of the retreat, the attendees will hear speeches from Christiana Figueres, former UN Climate Chief and Chair of The Earthshot Prize and Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, environmental activist, geographer and Member of The Earthshot Prize Council.

Later this week, attendees will travel to London where they will attend a forum at Deloitte and will have the chance to meet advisors and potential investors for their projects.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Attendees will travel to London where they will attend a forum at Deloitte and will have the chance to meet advisors and potential investors for their projects.” Something which, again, should have happened IN BOSTON. That was supposed to be the whole f–king point of Earthshot, spurring innovation, competition and collaboration, a race to heal the planet using millions in grant money and corporate donations, getting the best environmental minds together under one umbrella. Instead, William used Earthshot funds as his personal piggy bank to run an embiggening campaign for himself and he didn’t even bother to meet the “prize winners.” This Windsor summit absolutely seems like it was thrown together at the last minute. I doubt William did much more than wander around for an hour, making dumb faces.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

In November 2016, the story came out that Prince Harry was dating an American actress named Meghan Markle. Within days, paparazzi camped out around her house in Toronto, people were following her everywhere she went, and the British papers were examining every photo, every rumor, every connection in Meghan’s life. Meghan flew to the UK and she and Harry hunkered down, trying to figure out what to do next. They contacted lawyers and wanted to start suing. Harry was desperate to protect Meghan. His family was desperate to stop him:

I huddled with the lawyer, trying to work out how to protect Meg from this attack and all the others…Sue them, I kept telling the lawyer, over and over. He explained over and over that suing was what the papers wanted. They were hungry for me to sue, because if I sued that would confirm the relationship, and then they could really go to town.

I felt wild with rage. And guilt. I’d infected Meg, and her mother, with my contagion, otherwise known as my life. I’d promised her that I’d keep her safe, and I’d already dropped her into the middle of this danger.

When I wasn’t with the lawyer, I was with Kensington Palace’s comms person, Jason. He was very smart, but a tad too cool about this unfolding crisis for my liking. He urged me to do nothing. You’re just going to feed the beast. Silence is the best option. But silence wasn’t an option. Of all the options, silence was the least desirable, the least defensible. We couldn’t just let the press continue to do this to Meg.

Even after I’d convinced him that we needed to do something, say something, anything, the Palace said no. Courtiers blocked us hard. Nothing can be done, they said. And therefore nothing will be done. I accepted this as final. Until I read an essay in the Huffington Post. The essayist said the mild reaction of Britons to this explosion of racism was to be expected, since they were the heirs of racist colonialists. But what was truly “unforgivable,” she added, was my silence. Mine.

[From Spare by Prince Harry]

Soon after, Harry released the statement confirming his relationship with Meghan and criticizing, in bold terms, the media’s intrusions on Meghan and the real danger they were putting her in. At the time, we were told that Harry cleared the statement with William and that William thought it was a bad idea, but he gave Harry the okay. At the time, we heard that Charles also thought it was a bad idea but he “understood.” Harry blows up that narrative in Spare:

In fact, my statement generated a whole new onslaught—from my family. Pa and Willy were furious. They gave me an earful. My statement made them look bad, they both said. Why in hell? Because they’d never put out a statement for their girlfriends or wives when they were being harassed.

[From Spare by Prince Harry]

It was in this section of the book which triggered my own fight-or-flight response, so I can only imagine what Harry and Meghan were feeling. Looking back, I am genuinely surprised that Meghan didn’t say “you know what, it’s not worth all this.” But Harry does note that Meghan wasn’t reading most of it, and he kept having to ask her about all of the stories, is this true, did you do this, what happened here? I would have been like: nope, I gotta catch a flight out of here, please release a statement saying we broke up.

As for the earliest roadblocks being set in their path by Windsors and courtiers… I know we’re supposed to feel like “yay, love won!” and it did win. But holy hell, Meghan managed to navigate all of that with no training, with everyone in the royal family actively seeking to destroy her and their relationship for years. Very few women could have or would have done that.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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The Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales made a joint appearance today at the Windsor Foodshare, a food bank located not that far from Windsor Castle. As you can guess, they arrived empty-handed! I think they’ve only brought food (and not donations) once while visiting a refugee center, but they’ve made numerous empty-handed visits to refugee children, food banks and baby banks. Are they incapable of thinking ahead? Literally, just go through the pantry at Adelaide Cottage and put extra soup cans and vegetables into a bag and bring that one bag to the food bank. I promise, it won’t kill them.

The whole point of the trip was to show everyone (the British media) that William and Kate “care” and that they are “volunteering” in Britain’s cost of living crisis. This event was also to mark the tenth anniversary of the Windsor Foodshare, which is part of Windsor Christian Action. A decade of food insecurity in an area close to Windsor Castle is not really a good news story.

Kate wore fuchsia – a Hobbs coat which retailed for £299, and a matching sweater, with flared black trousers. The Sun already has a story about how Kate was getting a dig at Meghan by wearing this bright color. You get it? Because Meghan said she tried to wear a lot of neutral colors when she was in the UK.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

Julia Fox has gotten very active on social media, especially TikTok, where she regularly posts videos and gives her hot takes on various gossip stories, sometimes she even makes news. Julia is determined to extend her fifteen minutes of fame post-Kanye, and why not? She’s kind of more interesting than many of the reality stars who get coverage in People and Us Weekly. Anyway, Julia went viral yesterday for doing a “home tour” of her New York apartment. From what I know of NYC real estate, I was actually surprised that Julia can afford a cramped, mouse-infested one-bedroom in Manhattan.

The only offensive things in this video are her bleached eyebrows, my god. I hate that look. Her “bedroom” is the living room and she gave the one bedroom to her two-year-old son Valentino, but she says he barely sleeps in his room because he still co-sleeps with mom. She’s a bit defensive about that but I don’t think that’s weird? It sounds pretty normal. The bathroom is awful but the kitchen seems to be a decent size considering the size of the apartment and the fact that it’s New York. Yes, she’s messy and a bit disorganized but I also have shoeboxes everywhere too and….? I mean, it’s Julia Fox. i thought it would look more like a crack den, honestly.

Julia’s big speech about how she doesn’t like big apartments and people shouldn’t be wasteful… honey, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that this is all you can afford. It’s a better apartment than I was expecting, even with the mouse problem. One last thing though – why does she have so many people’s ashes????

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

On Wednesday, the Princess of Wales had an event at Windsor Castle. The event was the unveiling of her “team of expert advisors” for the Keenwell Institute on Buttons, aka the dusty desk at Kensington Palace, aka the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. I wondered if we would get any videos or quotes from this advisory-panel unveiling, or whether this was just a pure photo op for Kate’s tuxedo-jacket Meghan cosplay. As it turns out, Kate’s staff actually did put some stuff together, including videos and some very keen quotes.

The Princess of Wales has vowed to help children better manage and regulate their emotions and to build better relationships. She revealed that a major new campaign to be launched next week will focus on the “building blocks and the scaffolding” that allows children to better develop social and emotional skills as an adult.

The Princess was speaking to a new team of expert advisers at Windsor Castle. The panel of eight academics, representing sectors such as neuroscience, psychology and policy, will help guide her through the next stage of her work focusing on the importance of early childhood, meeting twice a year.

Catherine said that a key area was how to “develop the social and emotional skills which are vital for later life”. She added: “Today, I just want to think about and discuss what’s next. How do we keep this conversation going? This campaign is really to try and raise the awareness of the importance of this issue. And it’s what can we do collectively to keep the conversation going and what we do next? This campaign is really laying the foundation of why early childhood matters.”

The Princess said their work would focus on what helps shape us, what shapes our relationships and the emotional experience of childhood. It was also about creating the “building blocks and the scaffolding” for how we first start to understand ourselves and others, she added.

“These are really complicated, big issues to look at,” Catherine continued. “But I think, from the centre’s point of view, one of the main key areas is how do we develop the social and emotional skills which are vital for later life. How do we better manage and regulate our emotions? How do we build better relationships?”

[From The Telegraph]

I’ve always sort of believed that Kate’s limited interest in Early Years stems from two things: wanting expert advice on how to raise her children, and trying to understand why William is so f–ked up. If you look closely at Kate’s public comments about Early Years, she does seem to make some pointed comments about how her husband’s childhood made him the monster he is today. The kind of monster who can’t regulate his emotions, who doesn’t have the social and emotional skills to thrive as an adult. Also: she’s only meeting with this group twice a year, lmao.

She made a little (mumbly) introductory speech at the start of the literal roundtable and I guess we have to praise this 41-year-old woman for managing to get through this without staring at her notes. She also seems to confirm that this advisory panel launch was not the big new keen Early Years announcement, they’ve got something coming up next week. PIE CHARTS!! Also, the academics and scholars there… watch their faces.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

There’s a coordinated strategy at play in the British media and the American right-wing media. It’s been happening for the better part of two weeks, because the royal commentators don’t want to talk about all of the tea Prince Harry spilled in Spare, nor do they want to talk about how Spare is a massive publishing success. So they’ve created an alternate reality where the Sussexes’ popularity has “plummeted” because of Spare, and that Meghan doesn’t support Harry or his memoir because she didn’t help him promote it. Those are the royal fantasists’ talking points and they’ve been spreading them far and wide. It’s pathetic to see American media pick it up, but then again, it’s just Fox News:

Meghan Markle was noticeably absent from the spotlight as Prince Harry embarked on a media tour for his latest tell-all. The Duke of Sussex’s explosive memoir, “Spare,” which was published on Jan. 10, sold 1.43 million copies during its first day on sale in the U.K., U.S. and Canada, making it the fastest-selling nonfiction book of all time.

Despite the book’s overwhelming success, sources recently told The Telegraph that the duchess, 41, “may have raised gentle concerns about whether it was the right move.” The mother of two, who was described as “media-savvy,” was “more wary than the duke about this particular project.” GB News host Dan Wootton called the Telegraph report “absolutely fascinating” because he felt “it was the first sign of Meghan trying to distance herself from all of the collateral PR damage caused by ‘Spare,’” U.K.’s Express reported.

A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Royal author Christopher Andersen, who recently wrote a book about King Charles III, told Fox News Digital that he was not surprised the former American actress is nowhere to be seen following the book’s release. He suspected that she is sending a clear message – this was Harry’s work alone.

“Meghan clearly doesn’t want to make it look as if she’s somehow manipulating Harry, or that she’s had a hand in shaping his memoirs,” Andersen explained. “The Sussexes are very sensitive to the fact that their critics believe she has some mesmeric sway over him. The fact is, this is Harry’s story, and for better or worse he has to own it.”

Andersen also believes there’s a good reason why the former “Suits” star may have allegedly been wary about some of the contents in “Spare.”

“What may be most concerning to both Harry and Meghan is the blowback they’ve gotten from people in the military who feel he was ill-advised to write about killing 25 enemy combatants while serving in Afghanistan,” said Andersen. “I can’t imagine if they’d had it to do over, that Meghan in particular would just as soon have had him leave those kinds of statistics out of the book.”

[From Fox News]

It’s fascinating to me to watch the dumbest f–king people in the world try to “bait” Meghan into doing or saying something just so they can abuse her. They want to smear her and abuse her at every turn, then when she’s quietly working away from the spotlight, they’re begging her to come back. Again, Harry said absolutely everything with his whole chest. He did it to protect his wife and children, to create a historical record in his own voice, with his own name. The royalists can’t stand that, because they’ve been saying for years that Meghan manipulates Harry into this or that, that he has no agency. Harry blew up their favorite talking point.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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