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Megan Fox Eyes up ‘Hot’ Simon Cowell

Dec 4, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Megan Fox, Simon Cowell

Megan Fox9

Always surprising the world with her words, Megan Fox feels different than most about Simon Cowell – she thinks he is hot!


Simon Cowell, Recently Spoke To Press

Jul 21, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell1

With rumors swirling that she’s leaving “American Idol,” Paula Abdul’s trusty pal, Simon Cowell, recently spoke to press in attempt to clear up the confusion.

In response to the gossip, Cowell – who has been enjoying a vacation in St. Tropez – told Extra, "She’ll be fine. She’ll be on the show. I don’t get a lot of say. I’ve just made it clear that I want Paula on the show."

The initial concern of Paula not returning as a judge occurred over the weekend when her manager mentioned to the Los Angeles Times that Ms Abdul has not received a contract yet.

And of course, Paula’s loyal fans have taken to Twitter to start a “Keep Paula” campaign. We wonder if Simon has joined the group yet!

Simon Cowell reckons the hype surrounding Susan Boyle could ruin her chances of winning Britain’s Got Talent.
‘The problem is with all the sub-stories about the cat and how she looks,’ Simon, 49, tells the Sunday People.
‘I’m tired of hearing about the way she looks or the kissing, or this or that. Susan mustn’t become a gimmick.’
Piers Morgan is also concerned with the press attention devoted to Susan, 48.
‘The phenomenon has got so insane I’ve got a horrible feeling that when I die the headlines are now going to read, “Judge in Susan Boyle video dies”,’ he tells The Sun.

Simon Cowell1

American Idol’s Simon Cowell has three new loves

Feb 19, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Simon Cowell

American Idol’s Simon Cowell might need a little help in the image department. He has been wearing three chins as part of his entrapment to wealth

Simon was caught leaving The Ivy, in LA, after lunch. He was dressed casually in his trademark style of a T shirt. At least, he changed his Tee. He had been wearing grey colored Tees for so long that grey ran the danger of being named as the color of his second skin.

Simon turned on his charm when he saw many fans waiting outside for him. He posed for photos and was patient when some people wanted to record videos of him too. Simon has been uncharacteristically nice to his fans.simon-cowell

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