sanjayaControversial American Idol Season 6 star Sanjaya Malakar is set to release a memoir detailing his life story as well as an EP featuring new dance tracks songs, both called Dancing To The Music In My Head, on January 20.

Fanjayas Rejoice!

According to an editorial review of the autobiography:

In his candid new book, Sanjaya opens up about what it feels like to go from obscurity as a high school student near Seattle to worldwide fame as a top ten finalist on one of the most popular television shows in American history. For the first time, the “People’s Idol” talks about life before Randy, Simon, Paula and “Sanjayamania,” and offers his devoted “Fanjayas” an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the blockbuster show. From going to Hollywood with his beloved sister, Shyamali, to becoming the most highly anticipated performer of season six, to facing the unforgiving chopping block, Sanjaya tells his fans everything they want to know. Finally, he shares how his life has changed since he left Idol, and where his music — and unforgettable persona — will take him next.