Controversial pro wrestling writer/producer/on-air personality Paul Heyman’s first project outside the world of wrestling is a smash success as the UK SUN quickly moved the world premiere of his Heyman Hustle wireless/broadband program to the front page, which is usually either topless British girls or Royalty.

At the end of the show, Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, who was an outspoken advocate of Heyman’s when they both worked for Ted Turner’s wrestling group ages ago, makes a surprise cameo appearance that Heyman and director Mitchell Stuart kept as a surprise even from The Sun itself!“We got Hustled!” exclaimed The Sun’s Simon Rothstein, “we thought Heyman was delivering the cast of Survivor, and the lesbian kiss between Ami Cusack and Flicka Smith. When we saw Jesse Ventura close out the show, everyone at The Sun stood up and went wild!”

And what’s with Jonny Fairplay? Fairplay kept interrupting Heyman’s interviews with members of the Survivor cast, but at the end gave an emotional interview himself about his newborn daughter. Fairplay has a conscience? Who knew?!?johnny-fairplay