We’ll be honest: these might not be the actual first steps of this adorable Brangelina baby. They could very well be her third or fourth.

But no matter. Shiloh Nouvel is still walking – and that’s an event any celebrity gossip blog worth its weight in Britney Spears nude photos simply must to cover.

Seen here, the most beautiful child in the world is showing off for her hunk of a father, Brad Pitt. You can see the confidence in young Shiloh, as she eschews any sort of support and takes to examining that cardboard box by herself.

It’s almost as though the baby is sick of all the coverage Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead has received and is making an effort to grab a few headlines herself now.

Well, consider them grabbed, Shiloh. We’re awfully impressed. Let’s just hope your mother can stop flirting with Oliver Martinez long enough to notice your progression herself.shiloh-nouvel-pitt