sutton-pierceThank God Britney did not make good on her threat to run off and give birth in Namibia, so her baby was born in a nice, unambiguous time zone. Media accounts have Sutton Pierce entering the world around 2:00 AM on September 12 [edited from Sept. 13, which was a typo; the chart was actually cast for the 12th] in L.A. {Source}This gives him a Cancer Ascendant that forms nice sextiles to his Virgo Sun and Taurus Moon.

But honestly, I am a little worried about this kid. With that Cancer Ascendant and his Sun, Mercury and Venus in Virgo, young Sutton is a sensitive soul with a tendency to be anxious and high-strung. His Sun’s opposition to Uranus makes Sutton emotionally volatile, prone to picking up on other people’s emotional energy and getting out of control.

What really troubles me, though, is the daunting grand cross between the Moon (emotions and the mother), Jupiter (growth and expansion), Saturn (responsibilities and the father), and Neptune (fantasies, ideals and delusions). It would seem that SPF II’s larger-than-life, um, life, and the grandiose images posed by his parents, could set up some major obstacles for him in terms of fulfilling his own dreams. When this kid gets reality-checked, it could come down on him hard.

Interestingly, both of Britney’s sons’ Suns fall in her natal 12th house, suggesting that they play a backstage role in her life. See Britney Spears’ birth chart (Astrotheme) She has already spoken of her desire for Sean to have a sibling to keep him company when she brings him along on tour (which is a lot like the logic people use in deciding to get a second cat because they’re gone during the day, rather than have a second child, but whatever). With his Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Britney’s 12th house, it could be a challenge for Sutton to come out from behind the scenes and find his own way. Sutton’s Mars conjuncts his 4th house cusp, suggesting that he might stay close to home and cling to family ties. (I would have said cling to his mother’s apron strings, but it’s a bit hard to picture Brit Brit in an apron.)

His Virgo planets, Taurus Moon and Cancer Ascendant make Sutton caring, nurturing and concerned about other people. Hopefully he will be able to tap into these qualities without developing a tendency to take care of others’ needs at the expense of his own. With that grand cross configuration, he does have some struggles ahead. And if his parents would appear to be part of the problem, at least they—well, at least Britney—can afford to get him therapy.