Tommy Lee Jones has filed suit against Paramount, and others, for not paying him for work related to the movie No Country for Old men. Jones claims he is still owed more than $10 million under his contract.

In the lawsuit, Jones claims he signed a contract with N.M. Classics on April 3, 2006, agreeing to act in the film, as well as to provide “additional related services” for the movie’s promotion. In exchange, the lawsuit says the company promised to pay Jones a fixed “up-front” fee and, depending upon the film’s financial success, “significant box-office bonuses and ’back-end’ compensation.”

According to the lawsuit, Jones’ accepted a reduced up-front fee in exchange for “significant” compensation if the film did well. No Country for Old Men later went on to win four Academy awards, including Best Picture, two Golden Globe awards, and several other critical recognitions. It was a giant commercial success, making more than $160 million.tommy-lee-jones