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She’s played just about every role possible, but even Keira Knightley admits she “completely lost it” while filming her latest steamy scene for the upcoming movie, “The Duchess.”

The British actress couldn’t keep it together when her costar, Dominic Cooper, was forced wear a skin colored diaper for a sex scene.

She says, “Sex scenes are never the easiest and you’re meant to be very supportive of each other, but I just completely lost it.”

Apparently Ms Knightley, who recently turned 24, about fell over laughing during the filming. The director had to tell her, “Pull yourself together.”


Her Mother Says That Keira Knightley Is Not Anorexic

Feb 10, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Keira Knightley

I myself have been wondering about this for quite some time. The more I see Keira, it seems the less I see of her every time. She is scary skinny at this point, and one can’t help but wonder if there is some disordered eating happening. Here she is seen a few months ago at the 2008 Orange British Academy Film Awards in London, and it seems that she hasn’t beefed up much since. As a result, a few tongues have wagged about the possibility of an eating disorder. Gotta admit, there seems to be some merit to that. However, Keira’s mom, Sharman Macdonald, refers to anyone spreading such rumors as a ‘playground bully’ and says that her daughter is nowhere near anorexic. Sharman says Keira’s svelte figure has been inherited by her skinny dad, Will Knightley. Not sure that I’ve seen too many pics of Will Knightley, but if a man looked this thin, I’m thinking it wouldn’t be all that attractive. Sharman defends Keira heavily saying her daughter needs to eat like a horse just to maintain her low weight even, and that simply Keira is just a thin girl. Keira has apparently sought medical activekeira-knightley2 on how to put on some pounds, which should say in itself that her weight is not normal. But the advice could not have gotten very far, and Keira just says she’s naturally thin and there’s nothing she can do about it. On a side note, both Keira’s grandmother AND great-grandmother suffered from anorexia. This alone puts her at a much higher risk for the disease. So, I’m looking at her and wondering, what side of the tree does Keira really fall from?

Keira Knightley is wise

Feb 7, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Irina Shaykhilsamova, Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley shared some pearls of wisdom during an interview with UK’s Radio Times. On looking good “Somebody goes, ‘Gosh, you’re pretty.’ Thanks. I’ve got good genes! OK, I’m on the cover of a magazine but somebody else does the hair, and the makeup, and airbrushes the fuck out of me – it’s not me, it’s something other people have created.” On being rich and famous“It frightens me when kids go, ‘I want to be famous.’ Why? Because you can get into a restaurant? You know what? If you book [a table], you can get into a restaurant! ‘I want to be rich and famous.’ Go and work on the stock market.” On suing Britain’s Daily Mail for suggesting she had an eating disorder“You couldn’t say anything more horrendous. So yes, I did take a hard line, and I would take that line again.” So Keira Knightley’s advice for people who want to be rich and famous is to go into the stock market. Brilliant brilliant stuff. I mean, Hollywood, stock market, they’re basically the same thing. It’s like telling somebody who dreams of being an astronaut to get a job at Costco. Because, you know, they sell telescopes. Same thing!keira-knightley1

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