Seriously, Tara Reid is a genius. Tara was at the opening of “The Basement” in Australia and I won’t say that she has an eating disorder of any kind, but I will say that bulimia is the new rehab and the old “knocked up un-wed celebrity mother.” Tara Reid is brilliant because she’s apparently taken the opportunity to steal some of Lindsay Lohan’s boring thunder while she is all “clean and sober” and pays homage to all the girls of 2005/2006 that suffered from Lollipop Head Syndrome (LHS). Ahhhh 2005/2006 was such an innocent time when celebrities were only starving themselves and shoving Crest toothbrushes halfway down their throat. They were simpler times really. And, clearly, Tara Reid is trying to bring back 2005/2006 with all of the trucker hats that I guess people are still wearing in Australia?

I only have one thing to say to Tara Reid and her recent weight loss. “Want a Viper? Ya want some money? Like my boooooody? TrimSpa baby!” And we know how that shitshow turned out.tara-reid