After getting criticized for performing a so-so salsa on Monday’s show, Julianne Hough is making an appeal to her fans: vote for her and partner/boyfriend Chuck Wicks this week!

The two-time Dancing champ took to her celebrity MySpace blog Thursday following her performance at Celebration in Disney World to support the Champions of Children’s Miracle Network.

“i’m just laying here thinking about how hard it’s gonna be to start teaching chuck our dance for next week tomorrow,” she writes. “we are so behind because we are both still touring.”

Hough planned on squeezing a “couple of hours of training in” before Wicks’s concert Friday in Connecticut. Then the two fly out early Saturday for Hough’s next show in Mississippi.

The bottom line: “hopefully you guys will vote this week, i think we are really going to need it!!! lol.” she writes.

Before logging off, Hough writes: well im gonna go to bed so that i can get some good sleep in so that i can be my usual hard teaching julianne self that i am. i think i’ve been taking it easy on him without really noticing, so i really have to TRY to be hard on him ha ha wish me luck.


Julianne Hough