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Taylor Momsen: ‘I Was Always a Loner’

Dec 11, 2010 Author: Admin | Filed under: Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen1

Taylor Momsen isn’t really a social butterfly. She has her close group of friends, and that’s all she really cares about. In fact, she says she’s a "loner" and likes it that way!

She said: “I don’t really have many friends. I never have. I was always a loner. I was in and out of school so much – so, I dunno, I’m really shy. Which is weird because you probably wouldn’t think that. I’ve got my six best friends, and three of them are on tour with me the whole time so that’s awesome. It’s not sad or anything for me. I like that.”
Despite her lack of friends, Taylor thinks celebrating turning 17 earlier this year marked one of her best ever birthdays because of a special dessert she had.
She said: “We had cake, although I don’t like cake. I like brownies. But actual cake? I dunno. Something about it, too cliche. I was in Paris and they do shots of espresso over ice cream. Oh my god, that was my favorite thing ever.”

Taylor Momsen

Kicking off another work week, Taylor Momsen was spotted arriving at the “Gossip Girl” set in Brooklyn, New York this morning (August 17).

Miss Momsen looked a bit worn out as she strolled past the shutterbugs sporting a loose-fitting vintage purple dress with strappy heels and aviator sunglasses.

Speaking of her unique look, Teen Vogue recently published an article with pointers on how to attain Taylor’s makeup vibe.

According to the blub, girls need, “a great lip and cheek stain in a vibrant pink or red. Black eyeliner and a smoky eye quad.  Taylor is fearless with makeup! She’s also inspired by some cool ladies: Blondie, Joan Jett, and Goth beauty. She makes it her own and doesn’t care about rules!”

Taylor Momsen – Chinatown Chick

May 29, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Taylor Momsen

Making the most of a mild evening in New York City, Taylor Momsen was spotted out and about in Chinatown last night (May 28).


The “Gossip Girl” hottie was sporting her usual rock chick gear including a black leather jacket overtop a vintage dress with fishnet stockings and black heels.

Miss Momsen recently went on record, predicting that “Slumdog Millionaire” will come out on top at this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards.

She explained, “I would pick ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ It was totally not what I was expecting.  The little boy in the beginning was so cute.  I couldn’t handle it.”

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