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Gisele Bundchen: Off to Work in NYC

Mar 30, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Gisele Bundchen

Beginning her work week with an early start, Gisele Bundchen was spotted heading off to a photo shoot at Chelsea Piers Studios in New York City this morning (March 30).

The Brazilian babe looked a bit groggy as she exited her car sporting a pair of dark sunglasses despite the fact that the sun hadn’t risen yet.

In a recent interview, Bundchen explained that while she’s in love with her husband Tom Brady’s son John Edward Thomas, when she first heard about the boy’s impending arrival she was a bit shocked.


Explaining that she found out Tom was going to be a father just two-and-a-half months after meeting him, Gisele revealed, “In the beginning you’re living this romantic fantasy; you’re thinking, This can’t be true, it’s so good!  And then, Whoops – wake-up call!  It was definitely a surprise for both of us.”

Gisele Bundchen is a keeper.

Not only is she the richest and perhaps most beautiful model on Earth, but she says learning Tom Brady knocked up ex Bridget Moynahan brought them closer.

Step-motherhood and getting married came naturally to Gisele – who in February wed New England Patriots star Brady, just 18 months after his former girlfriend Moynahan gave birth to Brady’s child, John Edward Thomas Moynahan.

"It was definitely a surprise for both of us," Bundchen, 28, tells Leslie Bennetts in Vanity Fair’s May issue. "In the beginning you’re living this romantic fantasy; you’re thinking, This can’t be true, it’s so good! And then, Whoops – wake-up call!"

The rude awakening came just two and a half months after she had met Brady through a friend in late 2006, when she was instantly attracted to his smile.


Gisele Bundchen1 Tom Brady1


There’s no disputing that Bridget’s baby bombshell "was a very challenging situation," admits Gisele. "Obviously, in the beginning, it’s not the ideal thing."

Doubts arose. "You question at times – ‘Should I stay here? Maybe you should work this out,’" she says. "But when people break up, it’s for a reason."

In the end, working with Brady to deal with the baby, "was a blessing, because otherwise I don’t think I would have known what he was made of, and he wouldn’t have known what I was made of," she says, noting the athlete’s integrity.

"He was such a good person through all the times. His heart is in a good place! It made me feel more in love with him; it made me realize who he was."

A Gossips About Gisele Bundchen

Feb 7, 2009 Author: Admin | Filed under: Gisele Bundchen

Well yes, we have seen this one coming for quite some time now. Supermodel extraordinaire Gisele Bundchen has been *this tight* with football star Tom Brady for quite some time now, and as such the engagement rumors have been flying for a while. Most notably the question has been WHEN are they going to do it? Well, sorry for all of the male fan throngs, but it is official, Gisele Bundchen is off the market and will be thieving the knot with Tom Brady very soon. She is spotted here strutting her stuff like a supermodel while she films scenes for a music video on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The video was for The Black Cowboys and was directed by Entourage star Kevin Co25523pcn_Bundchennnolly, and it may have just well been her last strut    as a single and unattached woman. There were some rumors that she and Tom had done the engaged diamond rock thing over the holidays, but they were quick to dispel those rumors. Let’s hope that didn’t ruin the surprise for Gisele, when Tom took the step and got down on one knee and proposed with a huge diamond ring in Los Angeles last Friday night. And you will not be disappointed to hear that there will be no quiet and intimate ceremony for this couple, as they are going to do it supermodel style when the time to tie the knot does come.

The couple are discussing a huge fashionista event in the spring or a more intimate and quicker ceremony in Costa Rica, where Gisele has a home.

And though their ‘people’ aren’t officially commenting, this has been a long time coming for these two, who have already braved some tough storms in their coupledom. Gisele and Tom got together many moons ago when Tom was still romantically involved with actress Bridget Moynahan. Bridget became pregnant with Tom’s son just before the couple broke up in December 2006 and this is approximately when the Tom and Gisele thing started happening. And though there was some ugliness when Tom and Brady’s son was born in August 2007, it sounds like the worst of that mess is over, and Tom and Gisele are ready to move on with their lives in the sweetest most happily ever after kind of way. Many congrats to both of you!

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