Dandannii-minoguenii Minogue has confirmed that she’s dating Rugby League hunk Kris Smith

The ‘X Factor’ judge revealed in her magazine column, “Rumours are flying about my new-found interest in the Rugby League, and the papers say I’m dating an ex Leeds player…Hmm what can I tell you?”

“Well, I currently don’t know anything about the game, but there’s a good reason to start learning!”

Dannii added, “Let’s put it this way, Cupid had asked for his arrow back! I’m not one to reveal much about my love life, but I’m a happy girl.”

The two allegedly met in Ibiza, where they both were on vacation.

quoted a friend as saying, “He can’t believe his luck and has been showing off intimate photos of him and Dannii together on dates, one even shows her in a skimpy red bikini.”

The pal added, “Kris is a big lad who’s in great shape physically, but he’s just been bowled over by Dannii’s interest in him. He wants to make it work.”