i Phone Girl, the young lady in the home screen photo found in a British user’s newly-bought iPhone 3G, was identified. She is a Q&C staff working at Foxcon inn  Shenzhen which manufactured iPhones for Apple Inc.. To protect her privacy, the company does not release her name or anything to reveal her identify.  They said the girl did not purportedly leave her images in the phone, but just forgot to delete them after she tested the camera of the phone. Markm49uk of UK, bought a brand new iPhone 3G days ago. After he activated it through Apple’s iTunes,  to much of his surprise, the home screen of his handset is not set at the default iPhone theme but the photo of a smiling young Asian female worker in pink working uniform.  Later,  Mark uploaded it together with two other pictures of the same girl also found in the handphone onto macrumors.com. Since then,  netizens over the world began dubiously called the girl as iPhone Girl. As the story now was picked by the Chinese media, iPhone Girl has been lablediphone as the most beautiful migrant female worker in China