Mary J. Blige wants to help Amy WinehAMSTERDAM-CONCERT-MARY-J-BLIGEouse through her drug problems.
.The Grammy-award winning singer is a huge fan of the “Rehab” star and has revealed she will be there for the 24-year-old if she ever needs someone to talk to.

She said: “I have things to say to Amy Winehouse – loving things and things she will be able to relate to.”

However, Mary admits Amy – who was recently filmed smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine – is not quite ready to seek professional help for her drug addictions.

Mary, who has battled her own drugs problem in the past, said: “I don’t really think she can hear me right now, because when I was in a situation like she was in I couldn’t hear people either.”

The “No More Drama” singer says she only realized she needed to get help after seeing the effect drugs
had had on her body.

She said: “I did drugs, I did a lot. I did things, not just weed, but beyond that. I’m too strong to get hooked on anything now but at that point I think I was hooked.”

“Then one day I saw my reflection and I said to myself, ‘Gosh, I look bad.’ That’s when I really knew I needed help.”

Mary’s new single, “Just Fine,” is released on January 28.

Source: BANG Showbiz