Maybe I’m the biggest delusional B, but I’m honestly not getting “imminent divorce” from any of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s moves. It absolutely feels like they’re having marriage problems and it absolutely feels like there’s a lot happening behind the scenes, but I think they’re actually trying to work out their sh-t. It’s messy and complicated, but I would be shocked if one of them files for divorce this week or this month. It genuinely feels like Ben has laid down the law with J.Lo: we’re selling the money pit house, you’re not going to tour this summer, and we’re going to actually work on this marriage and spend time with our kids.

Page Six got photos of Ben visiting the money-pit mansion over the weekend. Jennifer is still living there, although she’s reportedly looking for rentals or other, smaller homes too (considering they’ve already put the house on the market). Ben reportedly stayed with Jen for four hours at the Beverly Hills home, from 5 pm to 9 pm. A date night? Negotiations? Packing up his sh-t? He didn’t leave with boxes, so I don’t know. But they continue to spend time together. Now, Entertainment Tonight’s sources sweat that Ben and Jen are living separate lives:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not fully thrown in the towel on their marriage yet. Just one day after ET reported that Lopez, 54, and Affleck, 51, had put their marital home on the market, a source is sharing where the couple stands as rumors continue to swirl around the state of their relationship.

A source tells ET, “Jen and Ben have been living separate lives but have not officially separated yet. At this point, they are just doing their own thing. They went into their relationship very optimistic and thought things could change, but they haven’t.”

When it comes to their living situation amid the listing of their $60.8 million Los Angeles compound — which they purchased just a year ago — the source shared that Lopez is looking for places to set up shop as they attempt to take some space and figure things out.

The source continued, “Jen is touring houses and shopping around for her own home. She has been leaning on her mom, sisters, and kids during this transitional period.” Lopez has two sisters, Lynda and Leslie Ann.

Affleck — who was previously married to actress Jennifer Garner and shares three children with her — has similarly been leaning on his close friends, including Good Will Hunting co-writer Matt Damon, and family members during this time.

“Ben is sad about it all but focused on his work, being a great dad, and co-parenting well with Jennifer Garner,” the source says. “He has been leaning on Matt Damon and his close circle of guy friends. Matt is always in Ben’s corner and is supportive of him.”

[From ET]

I would pay $50 to hear what Matty D thinks of this whole situation. Damon is an old-school J.Lo hater, and during the first Bennifer Era, Matt was one of the “friends” telling Ben to escape. The “Bennifer Revival” was great because it felt like they were older and wiser and less likely to get peer-pressured into ruining their relationship. But I don’t know. I think Matty D is still capable of peer-pressuring Ben. Anyway, yeah – as I said, I would be shocked if Ben or Jen actually file for divorce any time soon.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.