As some people have already discussed in the comments, “royal expert” Tom Bower has been a tear this week. Bower is a vile man who always has the absolute worst sh-t to say about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Specifically Meghan, who he once called a “brazen hussy” because Meghan smiled and waved at fans. He’s also been pretty clear that he’s targeting Meghan specifically, in part of the royal media’s general attempt to “force” a Sussex separation so Harry will come running back to them. Except that now, in the year of our lord Beyonce 2024, Bower seems to understand that Harry and Meghan’s marriage is strong and there’s no divorce on the horizon. So Bower said the quiet part outloud: for the monarchy to survive, the Sussexes must be obliterated.

An eminent royal biographer believes the future of the monarchy depends on the ‘obliteration of the Sussexes’ after Prince Harry’s brief visit to the King following his cancer diagnosis. Tom Bower launched a blistering attack on the Duke of Sussex branding him a ‘traitor’ when discussing his meeting with Charles on this week’s The Reaction, the Mail’s new YouTube talkshow.

It was hoped the troubling news of the King’s illness could bring Harry closer to his father and his brother, the Prince of Wales, after launching years of vicious attacks against the monarchy. But Mr Bower told the Mail’s columnists Sarah Vine and Andrew Pierce that the opposite is the case.

The author of ‘Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War between the Windsors’ gave his opinion in this week’s episode: ‘I think that the monarchy in fact depends on actually obliterating the Sussexes from our state of life because their continuation is bad for us. I am really furious that he was even allowed to land in London and then given a special escort to Clarence House.’

‘I do think it is interesting that given all the number of bedrooms they have got at Buckingham Palace and all the other palaces in London, that he had to stay overnight in a hotel.’

[From The Daily Mail]

This is grotesque, dangerous, vile, infuriating and appalling. It’s also the rare moment where someone is saying something explicitly which other royalists feel but refuse to say outright. This is genuinely the mindset of not just Bower and his ilk, but the entire royal establishment, from the palace to the press to the online deranger campaign. It was never “live and let live” or “the Sussexes can do their own thing and it has nothing to do with us.” The entire royal establishment was turned upside down four years ago because the spare quit that bitch and found a way to thrive outside of their toxic prison. The royalists are literally too stupid to figure out a way to move on from the Sussexit, so now an entire national media and an entire monarchy have decided that they must “obliterate” the Sussexes.

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