Here are some photos of Jennifer Lopez at Giorgio Baldi on Sunday night. I’ve seen some outlets claim that she was “dining alone,” but she was clearly out with a couple of girlfriends and one of those ladies drove J.Lo away from the restaurant. Giorgio Baldi is one of the most popular restaurants in LA and it’s become something of a celebrity hot-spot. During Rihanna’s pregnancies, she was there practically every week, sometimes multiple times a week. My point is that J.Lo knew she would be photographed and she either wanted to be seen or she didn’t care that she was seen. Considering the weekend was full of “imminent divorce” rumors, it feels like Jennifer wanted to be seen out and about. Is the message “I’m not hiding away?”

Notably, Jennifer is still wearing her wedding band and her green-diamond engagement ring. She’s been wearing her wedding ring this whole time, I think? Meanwhile, Ben has been seen recently without his ring at times, and wearing his ring at other times. You guys know I don’t put a lot of stock in Ring Watch, but I do think Jen is sending a message by getting pap’d this weekend with her rings. ET also confirmed that Jen and Ben are “quietly” trying to offload their $60.8 million Beverly Hills mansion, which seems to be the root of the divorce rumors in recent days. Maybe it’s just… selling a house which doesn’t work for them, but Ben and Jennifer are still working on their marriage?

And finally, Meghan McCain recently said that when J.Lo appeared on The View, Jen was “deeply unpleasant” and “not a nice person.” Again, that’s coming from Meghan McCain, who is one of the biggest a–holes in the country.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.