Over the past month or so, there’s been a conspiracy bubbling around social media about the Princess of Wales. The general conspiracy is that Kate is no longer in England or the UK, that she’s receiving treatment at an undisclosed location in Europe or North America or somewhere else. While I think “Kate is not IN England at the moment” might explain the lack of credible sightings of Kate in Windsor, London and Norfolk, I have my doubts that Kate could be in a whole other country where the Windsors don’t have control over the press. Like, if Kate was in France, the Windsors don’t have the capability of shutting down French rumors. You could argue that Switzerland is the land of “everyone minds their business and no one gossips,” but still, we’re talking about arguably the most famous missing woman in the world right now.

So, one of the latest “Kate is not in the UK” rumors came via a Reddit and TikTok, with various people claiming that they heard a rumor that Kate was seeking treatment in Houston and staying at the city’s St. Regis hotel. The rumor was apparently shut down pretty quickly by Kensington Palace.

A rumor that Kate Middleton is being treated at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is false, according to a Kensington Palace representative.

Speculation about the princess’ location has grown since she announced her cancer diagnosis in March. She began preventative chemotherapy in February, according to Kensington Palace, with no estimated date of when she might return to public duties. Middleton stepped away from public duties and a palace insider told Us Weekly in June that she “may never come back in the role that people saw her in before.”

Amanda Matta shared a video Monday morning on her Royal Family-focused TikTok account “Matta_of_fact” discussing a Reddit post that claims Middleton recently stayed at The St. Regis Houston.

“Was visiting friends at the St. Regis this weekend and they had spoken of her being at the hotel. Has anyone else heard this? Assuming she would be here for treatment. Hoping for the best outcome for the family,” the post reads. Matta’s TikTok had nearly 500,000 views and more than 1,000 comments by early afternoon Monday.

MD Anderson Cancer Center representatives said the hospital is unable to comment on whether or not an individual is a patient due to patient privacy laws. The Cancer Center — known for its groundbreaking cancer treatment and research — has treated celebrities including Eddie Van Halen and Chris Evert.

[From Houston Chronicle]

Okay, here’s the interesting thing – that one TikTok had only been up for about twelve hours when the Houston Chronicle got Kensington Palace to shut down the speculation on the record. KP did not do the same thing when it came to ANY of Concha Calleja’s reporting. To this day, KP has never shut down the “Kate was in an induced coma” story on the record. It was only “royal sources” saying “that’s not true” one week after Calleja’s reporting. KP still hasn’t pushed back on some of Calleja’s more recent reporting, that Kate’s condition is still quite dire and that Kate will likely need at least one more surgery.

So… no, I don’t believe Kate is being treated in Houston. If Kate has left the UK for treatment – which I do think is a possibility – it’s far more likely that she would go to European doctors or specialists, and she would go to a country where her privacy would be all but guaranteed. She’s not wandering around Houston!

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