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Donald Trump hates immigrants. He hates brown people. He hates black people. He hates Muslims. He hates Hindus. He hates Sikhs. He hates anyone and everyone from what he deems a “sh-thole country.” He wants to stop brown and black immigrants from coming to this country. He wants to revoke citizenship from black and brown naturalized citizens. He has ranted and raved and tweeted about the evils of chain migration. All this from a man who has married two immigrant women – Ivana was an immigrant, and Ivanka, Tweedledee and Tweedletreason are all anchor babies. Melania was an immigrant who lived in the US under a shady, questionable visa, and then weirdly became a naturalized citizen shortly after she started dating Trump. It’s taken some-odd 17 to 18 years, but Melania’s parents are now naturalized citizens too. But they’re white, so I guess chain migration is fine when it involves white peeps.

First Lady Melania Trump‘s parents became naturalized United States citizens on Thursday, PEOPLE confirms. Viktor and Amalija Knavs, Slovenian immigrants in their 70s, took the citizenship oath at a private ceremony in New York City, the Associated Press reported. The husband and wife — a former car dealer and a former textile factory worker, respectively — had been living in the United States as permanent residents.

The couples’ lawyer, Michael Wildes, did not specify the length of time the Knavses have been living in the United States, according to the AP. Under United States law, permanent residents must be in the country for at least five years in order to apply for citizenship.

“The dialogue we are having on immigration, this is an example of it going right,” Wildes added. Wildes confirmed to PEOPLE that the Knavses became citizens on Thursday, but declined any further comment. The first lady’s spokesperson did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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“This is an example of it going right…” Make no mistake, right = white. It’s a plain as the nose on Melania’s facelift. You can’t tell me that Melania maybe/probably got a “genius” visa, overstayed that questionable visa, worked illegally, somehow got greenlighted for naturalization, and then was able to bring her parents over here where they’ve maintained permanent resident status for years AND EVERYTHING WAS DONE CORRECTLY? No. And no one is really going to press Donald Trump about this either, let’s be clear. We’ve all just accepted the fact that the traitorous president’s immigration conversation is ONLY ABOUT RACE. Which is to say, it’s only about Trump’s racism and stoking fear of brown people, so much so that there are still children in f–king cages on American soil. Don’t give me this horsesh-t about this being one of the times it went “right.”

NEW: First lady Melania Trump’s parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, have been sworn in as U.S. citizens, their attorney says outside a New York City courthouse today. https://t.co/5FbzDYTjzF pic.twitter.com/6i1qVtbWfo

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