People Magazine did two cover stories this week, one for Robert DeNiro and one for King Charles. Their exclusive cover story was written in a hurry, in the 24 hours after the palace announced that Charles has cancer. Previously, I was surprised that People Mag included quotes about how the king has “not looked himself” in recent months, because I wasn’t expecting anyone to admit that. Charles isn’t the only member of the royal family who has seemed visibly unwell over the past year, but at least we’re allowed to talk about it now. Anyway, People dropped more exclusives from their cover story and they’re worth discussing:

Camilla’s importance: “She is his strength and stay like [Prince Philip] was for the late Queen,” a palace insider tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue. “She will be great. She will rally him, she will buoy him. She is amazing. She equips him to do the job he has to do.”

It’s up to Prince William and Queen Camilla to be the face of the monarchy. “It is hard with Kate being ill as well, but he will step up,” a source close to the royal household says of Prince William.

There are currently no plans to appoint Counsellors of State to act on King Charles’ behalf. “He wouldn’t want to put that pressure on William,” says the source. “He has always wanted to save his children from having that pressure too early and that will remain. Particularly as William has other priorities [with Kate]. William will do his best, but the King will want to carry on with his duties as best he can,” says the source close to the royal household.

William is in regular contact: A royal source tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue that the Prince of Wales, 41, is in regular contact with his father amid the news of the King’s cancer diagnosis.

Charles will work from home: “Yes, he’s going to step back from public duties for a considerable time, but there will be plenty of work for him — it just won’t necessarily be in a room with hundreds of people,” says royal biographer Robert Hardman, author of The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy. Adds the palace insider: “He will want to get on with the job. But that will depend on what treatment he is having. It may be utterly draining on him. He will need a lot of support.”

[From People Magazine]

As I said, this was written mostly on Monday and Tuesday. By Tuesday evening, Kensington Palace had informed the Daily Mail that William would disappear back into his gopher hole after his events on Wednesday and that it would probably be another month or two before anyone sees him again. This was also written before William turned up to the Wednesday investiture ceremony visibly under the influence. My point is that all of these pronouncements about “he will step up” are just the 2024 version of “promises to be keen.” Whatever William is doing these days, it’s a huge issue for the monarchy and everyone in Peg’s orbit. Also: they keep basically admitting that Charles and William haven’t seen each other in person at all? It’s crazy even for the dysfunctional Windsors.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images. Cover courtesy of People.