The photos in this post are from April of this year – Prince Andrew out riding a horse in Windsor on 4/13 and driving around Windsor on 4/29. They’re some of the most recent photos of Andrew we have, although the Mail has published some more recent pics, especially these horse-riding pics from one week ago, right after Buckingham Palace leaked a bunch of sh-t about how King Charles is going to cut off Andrew’s funding if he doesn’t move out of Royal Lodge. It’s pretty clear that King Charles is still attacking Andrew in the press and drawing attention to the Andrew situation, likely as a deflection from some of the bigger issues facing the monarchy. Well, things have devolved to the point where the British media is now writing pieces about how Andrew has gained a lot of weight and he’s “comfort eating” because of the Royal Lodge issue.

Prince Andrew has piled on weight amidst his brother King Charles’ attempts to kick him out of his home, after giving up a diet which was making him miserable and grumpy, it was reported Monday.

A report in British tabloid the Sun said that Andrew’s weight is now approaching 15 stone. The paper says he has been “comfort eating” to cope with his ongoing argument with his brother, who wants him to vacate his home, the palatial Royal Lodge. The Sun says Andrew’s weight gain has been shown during recent horse riding trips.

Royal author, biographer and historian Andrew Lownie, who is writing a new book about Andrew, whose favorite food is said to be steamed syrup pudding, told the paper: “He often diets, a bit like Fergie, who has been a regular dieter. He can go up and down between 13 and 15 stone.”

Royal biographer Margaret Holder said: “He was quite chubby as a child but then so were Charles and Anne at times if you look back at the pictures… I think he is a comfort eater basically.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Is this another shot from Buckingham Palace? Their threats to defund Andrew fell flat, so now they’re telling people that Andrew’s ass is chunky. This is why I made a point of using the most recent photos we have of Andrew – while I think he’s gained some weight in recent years, he honestly doesn’t seem to have drastically piled on the pounds in the past few months. He’s been “portly” for a few decades though. This feels like some palace scheme to humiliate Andrew, right? Why the hell would it matter if he’s gained some weight? If we’re talking about weight, Camilla also looks like she’s been comfort-eating (and comfort-boozing).

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.