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Prince Harry attended the 2022 Super Bowl with his cousin Princess Eugenie. That year, the Super Bowl was held in LA, so it wasn’t a huge journey for them. They looked like they had a great time, and Harry was even invited into the Rams’ locker room AND he posed with the Vince Lombardi trophy. Classic Harry! Well, given Harry’s presence at the NFL Honors on Thursday, people have been gossiping about the Sussexes’ possible attendance at the Super Bowl later today. Please, let’s allow the Daily Mail to go full-tilt royalist about it with this headline: “Harry and Meghan ‘WILL attend the Super Bowl’: Duke of Sussex set to stay in Las Vegas after making no mention of cancer-stricken King Charles in gag-filled speech at NFL awards which followed 24-hour whistlestop trip to visit his father in the UK.” You have to try to say it all without taking a breath, in a rushed, panicked and hysterical voice. Try to make your voice crack when you say “cancer-stricken King Charles.”

Anyway, I do think/hope that Harry and Meghan will attend the Super Bowl. The 49ers are playing, and Harry has connections in San Francisco, and BetterUp might have gotten a VIP suite, so who knows. Harry and Meghan have so many powerful connections, it would make perfect sense if they ended up in, like, Netflix’s VIP suite or Amazon’s VIP suite or Paramount’s VIP suite. As for the British media’s hysteria over the fact that Harry turned up the NFL Honors a day after he flew back to the US after his quickie trip to England… yes, they’re mad about it. Big mad. Enraged.

Prince Harry flew to London to avoid being seen for the first time since his father’s cancer diagnosis at ‘glitzy Super Bowl festivities’ in Las Vegas, royal observers have claimed. The Duke of Sussex, 39, flew more than 5,000 miles from his home in California to London on Tuesday for what ended up being a 30-minute meeting with his father. But he jetted back to his Montecito home after just one day in the UK – after it is believed he spent the night in a luxury hotel rather than a royal residence.

Royal commentator Robert Jobson previously told Mail+ that Prince Harry’s trip was unplanned and ‘unbidden’, with critics now questioning whether it was a purposeful decision to be seen to have rushed to the King’s side.

Questions are now being asked over whether his sudden rush to the UK was fuelled by the knowledge he would be seen to be ‘enjoying’ the glitzy festivities at the Las Vegas event just 24 hours later. One critic posted on X: ‘If Prince Harry hadn’t jetted to London for that 30 minutes with his father, then the first images of him after the King’s cancer diagnosis would have been of him enjoying glitzy Super Bowl festivities.’

Harry was not expected to be seen again until he travels with Meghan to Canada next week for an Invictus Games event, but shocked royal fans by appearing to hand out the Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Heyward, who scooped the award, was just as surprised to see him, hugging the duke, before he exclaimed: ‘Prince freakin Harry, I’m just shocked, that’s Prince Harry’. The Duke gave a very British speech poking fun at the differences between rugby and American football – such as the fact the NFL season is only 18 weeks long and that players get a ‘break every 15 seconds’. But there was no mention of his father, his trip to London or the rest of his family.

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I’m cry-laughing at “But there was no mention of his father, his trip to London or the rest of his family.” The audacity!! The Mail cannot believe that Prince Harry went to the NFL Honors and didn’t spend the whole time talking about his father! Y’all know that if Harry had mentioned Charles at any point, these same people would be screaming about that too. As always, they want to be able to say that Harry “only” has his family connections and that’s the only reason anyone in America pays attention to him. Harry subverts that talking point by going places and not talking about his family constantly.

As for the “criticism” that Harry’s trip to the UK was performative… pick a lane, haters. First it was the most significant olive branch ever, then it was a childish stunt aimed solely at William, then it was blah blah blah. Now it was all part of a scheme to ensure that Harry could carry on with his planned events without the British media wailing “he hasn’t even checked in on his father!” For the record, I think Harry’s trip was partially about cutting off the media talking points too. But I also think he just wanted to see his cancer-stricken father.

PS… Page Six says the Sussexes will NOT attend the Super Bowl. Boooo. Page Six’s sources (who knows) say that the Sussexes are preparing for their trip to Canada this coming week, so that’s why they’re skipping the Super Bowl. Sources also say that Harry turned up at the NFL Honors because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell personally asked Harry. That’s actually very cool?

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