Here are some photos of Prince William today, Friday, visiting the Isles of Scilly. This is his first visit to the area as Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cornwall. Technically, the Duchy of Cornwall owns extensive real estate throughout much of Cornwall, including the Isles of Scilly. He walked on St. Mary’s Harbor, he chatted with local business owners, he picked up some “Cornish pastries” which he claimed were for his wife and children (but you know he’s probably going to panic-eat them himself while looking at the Nigeria photos on his phone). He also claimed to have taken a morning swim, which is probably a lot like his infamous Central Park run last year. Remember, this was his first night away from Kate in months.

Some days, I almost feel bad for Ol’ Huevo. You know he thought he looked charming and manly as he staggered down the boardwalk. What’s worse is that Huevo probably thought he would overshadow whatever the Sussexes were doing. The photos of H&M in Nigeria will make international headlines (and they’re the top story in Britain too), all while William just seethes. Speaking of, royal biographer Tom Quinn said words:

Mr Quinn told The Mirror : “Harry’s visit to the UK has done nothing to repair royal relations – Harry has been very publicly snubbed by his father and brother. Despite being stricken with cancer King Charles says he is too busy to see his son; Harry’s brother doesn’t even bother to issue an excuse.”

“He says nothing. It is as if Harry no longer exists. There’s been no obvious criticism from either side, but the silence from William is deafening.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

Considering that Harry didn’t make any public statement about his brother, I think it’s safe to say that Harry did not request any meeting with William. If we’re looking at Harry’s moves and the lack of statements, it also seems like Harry “said nothing” about William and the “silence is deafening” on the other side. That being said, Harry’s team confirmed to People Mag that Harry invited William, Charles and Kate to the Invictus service.

Also: “I hate Harry so much, I’m going to ignore him, point out that I’m ignoring him and make a point of scheduling events to look busy while Harry is in town” is not sending the message William thinks it’s sending.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.