So, this is where we are: the Daily Mail is paying for push polls to be conducted in America, asking Americans if they believe that Prince Harry should be deported. I would say that the Mail has jumped the shark, but that probably happened years ago. The whole issue of deportation has been a special-interest project for the dumbf–ks at the Heritage Foundation, an American thinktank populated with British fascists and racists. The Venn diagram from Heritage to the ultra-right-wing Tories to the British anti-Sussex agenda is just one circle. For what it’s worth, the British dumbf–kery has not translated at all in America. Even this extremely questionable poll revealed that Americans don’t want Prince Harry to be deported:

Americans overall do not think Prince Harry should be deported if he is found to have lied about drug-taking on his visa application, according to an exclusive poll. Upon entering America, visa applicants have to fill out a form saying whether they have taken drugs. Sources close to Harry have indicated he answered ‘truthfully’ when he moved to the U.S. with wife Meghan Markle in 2020.

But a Washington, D.C.-based think tank is currently suing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for access to his records. Donald Trump has hinted he could deport the royal if he is found to have not given the right information.

An exclusive poll found 44 percent of Americans thought the Harry should be allowed to stay in the U.S. even if it is later discovered he did not fill out the visa form correctly. The poll showed 33 percent said he should be deported under those circumstances, and 24 percent said they didn’t know. Republicans said Harry should be deported if he lied on the form, with 42 per cent saying he should be ejected and 35 percent not. Both Democrats, by 56 percent to 24 percent, and Independents, by 40 percent to 32 percent, said he should be allowed to stay.

James Johnson, cofounder of pollsters JL Partners, said: ‘Some might be furious about Harry’s conduct, but the American public are reacting with a shrug. They broadly do not want to see him deported, even if he lied on his immigration forms. Their attitude seems to be live and let live, even if you are a British prince from across the pond.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Throughout the whole Sussexit ordeal and the Where-Is-Kate-Gate ordeal, I’ve come to realize that there are some bigger royal stories which actually break through to the wider culture. Kate’s disappearance brought conversations about what those people did to both Meghan and Diana, and that’s what propelled the disappearance story even further, because there were so many legitimate questions about how that institution crushes and destroys certain women. Everything Harry and Meghan have said and done since moving to California have reinforced the (true) narrative that they were wronged, that hostile forces were working against them, that they have the right to live and thrive away from Harry’s terrible family. Like, I don’t believe the majority of Americans have an opinion about Harry’s visa or deportation or what have you, but it’s seeped into American consciousness that the Sussexes are safer here, that they escaped a bad situation, that they were wronged.

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