The Sun does a weekly talk show about royals, hosted by their royal correspondent Matt Wilkinson. I’ve covered stuff from the talk show before, just because the Sun generates and runs so many stories off of the crazy sh-t said by “royal experts” on the show. It’s basically mainstreaming Deranger storylines and I feel like we should keep our eye on it, because that sh-t has a way of becoming even more mainstream and problematic. Speaking of, this past weekend, the guest on the show was Hugo Vickers and he said something WILD. As we’ve seen for close to five years now, they are still in shambles and spinning all kinds of projections and fantasies about how Prince Harry will eventually come back to them. Well, here’s their latest:

Prince Harry will return home, an expert has claimed, but without Meghan Markle. Speaking on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive show, historian and biographer Hugo Vickers suggested Prince Harry will return to the Royal Family – but alone and in 10 years time. During an exclusive conversation with The Sun’s Royal Editor, Matt Wilkinson, Hugo was asked where he thinks the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be in a decade’s time.

Hugo replied: “I think he’ll come home. If he comes home, it will be very nice for him, because he won’t particularly want to, he’s quite angry I think.”

Matt clarified: “Do you think he’ll come home alone?”

The expert confirmed: “Yes I do. The King, as I have mentioned before, has left the door wide open for him to do that. And he was doing such a good job before…he looked so happy. Usually you’re happy when you’re doing your duty, and you’re doing it for other people, and you’re putting things into life. I personally think he’s [Harry] petrified of losing her [Meghan] and looks slightly petrified of her to be honest. That’s kind of a tricky one to say. It’s a horrible syndrome to get into.”

Matt continued: “We were told last year, that he [Harry] was feeling a little homesick. And I do worry, when they were here, they were apparently so full of ideas – waking up at 5am in the morning coming up with all these ideas. I am disappointed they have gone to America, after turning on the Royal Family with all their shows…. I don’t know Harry, but I don’t think that is the life he maybe wanted.”

Hugo said: “What is terribly sad is the late Queen gave them the whole of the Commonwealth to explore. William and Catherine would do the home things and the Commonwealth – to which they were both committed [would be Harry and Meghan’s]…[But] that wasnt enough for them – which is very sad. It could’ve all been so wonderful and it’s turned out not to be.”

Matt jokingly suggested: “I’ve got an idea – if Harry comes home alone in 10 years like you suggest, he could live in Royal Lodge.” But Hugo wasn’t convinced: “Well, yes, I don’t know.”

[From The Sun]

While this is genuinely harmful and awful, it also feels close to an admission that Harry can’t be forced to come back to the UK and that he would never choose to come back to live there any time soon. The rest of it is crap though, including the dog whistles about Harry being “petrified” of Meghan and calling the Sussexes’ marriage a “syndrome.” The fact that these terrible men are basically suggesting that Harry will abandon his wife and children in the next decade… well, they’re saying the quiet part out loud. This has been their plan since 2020, to separate the Sussexes and force Harry to abandon his wife and children. The sh-t about “the late Queen gave them the whole of the Commonwealth to explore” is pretty ridiculous too. William wanted them “sent to Africa” and he didn’t want the Sussexes to move to Canada or Australia, less they overshadow him from abroad.

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