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Six months after they sold the first pictures of their newborn twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have stepped out in public with their youngest children for the first time.

Fresh from the weekend’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards in Los Angeles, the A-listers returned to family duty as they brought their large brood to Japan.

After managing to shield Vivienne and Knox from the world for an impressive six months, the couple finally showed off their latest additions of the family at Narita International Airport.Their little girl Vivienne – named after Angelina’s late mother – looked the spitting image of her older biological sister Shiloh Nouvel, two. With her rosebud lips, big blue eyes and rosy cheeks, little Vivienne looked exactly like Shiloh did in her earlier years.Her twin brother Knox has big blue eyes, a button nose and the distinctive lips they could only have inherited from their stunning mother.


an Oscar nominee, but that doesn’t mean he’s embracing the experience as enthusiastically as, say, a vigorous man-on-man hotel room wrestling match.

I hear that Cohen—conominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for his blockbuster comedy—has turned down an invite to present during the awards show.

His rep isn’t commenting, but I hear Cohen isn’t comfortable appearing before such a large group out of character.

Perhaps the Academy should have invited Borat instead?

Cohen may be limiting his appearance to sitting in the audience (unless he wins—then he’ll have to go on stage), but two other funny men, Will Ferrell and Jack Black, have agreed to perform on the big night, a source tells me.

While Black and Ferrell’s rep says, “Don’t believe everything you’ve heard,” a source tells me the two are set to sing an original—and very funny—tune. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but I promise if it does happen, you will love it.

Perhaps Cohen—I mean, Borat—should join them on stage for the song and dance.

Bono’s sectret

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Why Is He Famous?bono

His band, U2, has sold about a gazillion albums and played in front of a gazillion crazed fans over the last few decades, and still experiences growing popularity. Bono is also known for his activism and charity work.


Well, we’ve all heard of someone getting their heart broken.  But since his split from Whitney Houston (they’re still embroiled in a bitter divorce/custody dispute) it seems to have happened, literally, to Bobby Brown.

The “My Prerogative” singer was complaining of chest pains Tuesday when he was taken to the hospital.  After an exam, it was determined that he had suffered a “mild” heart attack.

By Wednesday, the 40-year-old singer was described as being, “in great spirits with a great prognosis from his doctors,” according to a source close to him.

Brown’s rep told press, “He’s recovering nicely.  We thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate the outpouring of support.”

The zinger of it all is that he’s scheduled to perform at the V100 Taste of Soul concert and festival in Los Angeles this weekend… and he still plans on going on with the show.  Brilliant.

Newest “it” girl Blake Lively may play a party girl in the teen CW series “Gossip Girl,” but this 20-year-old blonde beauty insists she’s nothing like Serena in real life.

Donning the fun, fearless female pose on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine’s September issue, Lively talks about her real-life persona, claiming her love life isn’t as outrageous as her TV character.

She says, “There wasn’t a period in my life like Serena went through, where I was doing drugs and having sex with my best friend’s boyfriend.”

“I never went through that kind of crazy.”

In fact, she says she has kissed just three people in her life, not counting her TV or movie partners, of course.

Although she wasn’t as privileged as her TV role, she is an overachiever herself in her high school.

She says, “I was class president, on the cheerleading squad, in a competitive show choir, and in, like, six different clubs.”

Lively, who is currently starring in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2,” reveals a lot more in her interview with the magazine in its September issue.

Vanessa Hudgens: LAX Jet-Setter

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bjorkMaking her way out of town, Vanessa Anne Hudgens was spotted leaving Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California on Monday (February 2).

The “High School Musical” hottie looked to be in high spirits, sporting her black “Peace” t-shirt, blue leggings and Ugg boots as she smiled upon entering the terminal.

Meanwhile, it sounds as if Miss Hudgens will be waiting awhile if she plans on joining in on the “Twilight” series – as the character she auditioned for doesn’t get involved until the third installment.

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg tells, “I’m not sure about [final] casting but I had heard Vanessa Anne Hudgens was going up for the part of Leah [Clearwater, a werewolf]. But at the moment, the part of Leah doesn’t happen until the third movie.”

Katrina Darrell decided to attend her American Idol audition wearing only a bikini. And Darrell also came onto host Ryan Secreast. But the new American Idol judge was not impressed and a catfight almost developed. See the video of the American Idol Bikini girl below.

Katrina Darrell wore her skimpy bikini to the American Idol audition, which is pretty smart actually!  Darrell also flirted it up with Ryan Secreast, even telling him she had already named their future children.

For the audition Katrina sang Mariah Carey’s Vision of Love. New judge Kara DioGuardi was not impressed and made her feelings known but Katrina  Darrell stood up to the new judge. It appeared as if there would be an ugly catfight until Paula Abdul stepped in and calmed things.

In the end Katrina Darrell made it through to Hollywood. Check out the video of the incident below.

She is The Next Wonder Women?

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Beyonce Knowles wants to be a superhero – as the first black Wonder Woman.   Beyone has met executives at DC Comics and Warner Brothers, who own the rights to the iconic figure. ‘A black
Wonder Woman
would be a powerful thing,’ Beyonce said. ‘It’s time for that, right? It would be great.’

Apparently her interest was sparked when she saw
the costume worn by Lynda Carter in the hit Seventies TV show on display at a museum.   She said: ‘I was thinking to myself, “OK, I need to be a superhero.”
Wonder Woman
would be a very bold choice. There’s an action element that I would enjoy.’

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Samuel L. Jackson was among 6,000 mourners who gathered to remember comedian Bernie Mac at a service on Saturday.

The “Pulp Fiction” actor paid his respects to the “Ocean’s Thirteen” star – who died on August 9 after suffering complications related to pneumonia – and made a touching speech during the ceremony at Chicago’s House Of Hope Church.

Samuel – who appears alongside Bernie in new movie “Soul Men” – said: “Bernie always had time to shake a hand – he never said, ‘Back off.’ Whereas I don’t have a problem with doing that!”

Other celebrities who attended the moving service included Bernie’s “Ocean’s Eleven” co-star Don Cheadle and U.S. comic Chris Rock.

Messages of condolence for Bernie’s wife Rhonda and daughter Je’Niece were sent from U.S. TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey and Andy Garcia, who starred alongside Bernie in crime caper follow-up ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’.

During the ceremony, clips from Bernie’s stand-up comedy shows were broadcast on a large screen to the congregation, soundtracked by songs from legendary singer Isaac Hayes – who stars in “Soul Men” with Bernie and who died on August 10.

Kristen Stewart Makes a Visit

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She’s been laying low-key as of late, but Kristen Stewart was spotted out taking care of her pet pooch in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (February 3).

The “Twilight” actress toted her dog to the Westlake Village Animal Hospital, dressed casually in jeans and a grey hooded sweatshirt.

Meanwhile, Kristen just recently spoke to press about the “instant bond” she had with “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson.27843pcn_Stewart

“The chemistry between artists is difficult to define. But in my case when I looked at Robert it was like I could look into his heart, and he could do the same, and that was very important,” Stewart says. “That’s how I would describe the chemistry between us.”

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