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Alex Rodriguez has been fairly quiet the last couple of years, which I guess is good given that for a while there he was careening from unhinged to stalker to creepy in the immediate aftermath of his breakup with Jennifer Lopez. But he pulled himself together, even spoke graciously of J.Lo a year after their split, and has been enjoying life with his two teenage daughters. And that includes doing “a couple loads of laundry” with his older daughter when visiting her at college in Michigan. A-Rod recently confessed that was one of “less than five times” that he’s done laundry in his adult life. He made the revelation while touting his new partnership with — wait for it — Lysol. You could say this moment for A-Rod is where the irony met the ironing board. (This story is from a little while ago but I’m just seeing it now.)

One place you won’t find Alex Rodriguez very often is the laundry room.

“I’ve probably done laundry, as an adult — I’m ashamed to say — probably less than five times,” Rodriguez, 48, exclusively tells Us Weekly while promoting his partnership with Lysol.

With the help of Lysol, Rodriguez might be “doing a lot more laundry” than before. “What I learned was that Lysol does kill bacteria, 99.9 percent of bacteria, especially the things that make these uniforms smelly,” he adds. “So that’s a good thing.”

Rodriguez explained that he did a couple of loads with his 19-year-old daughter, Natasha, whom he recently dropped off at the University of Michigan.

“It’s funny, we speak almost every night, and a couple nights a week, she’s in the laundry room doing her laundry,” he tells Us of Natasha.

Rodriguez shares Natasha and 15-year-old daughter Ella with Cynthia Scurtis. The pair split in 2008 after six years of marriage.

Since moving Natasha into school in August 2023, Rodriguez has been open about how the transition has impacted him. “I think the first month is always the toughest because it is so strange,” he tells Us of the adjustment period. “It hasn’t been like that for 18 years, but now that the first quarter is gone … I feel a lot better.”

Rodriguez gushed that Natasha is “in a really good place,” adding, “She’s in the middle of a play, which I’m going to go watch her on Saturday, so she’s doing well.”

Rodriguez previously shared that Scurtis, 51, told him he was texting their eldest daughter “too much” after sending her off.

“It’s hard. For the first time in 18 years, I don’t have my two girls with me at dinner,” Rodriguez exclusively told Us in September 2023. “The good news is I get to spend more time with Ella. I guess there’s a silver lining everywhere.”

When Rodriguez isn’t spending time with his daughters, he can be found teaming up with Lysol to create “The Lost Bet.” In the video, Rodriguez travels back to his locker room to take on a new role as an equipment manager and learns how to tackle the stench with Lysol Laundry Sanitizer.

“They came to me with a great idea of celebrating equipment managers, which often are the unsung heroes,” he tells Us, adding that they “don’t ever get enough credit.”

[From Us Weekly]

Ok, I know we’re supposed to be eye rolling at a nearly 50-year-old man barely having done laundry in his life. But you know what? If I had the means to evade that particular chore, I would too! There are many things in this life that I am good at. Laundry is not one of them. Granted, I was trained by my mother who openly copped to her ability to “make anything gray.” My irritation with the task has only amplified thanks to it being 10 years since I’ve lived in a building with a laundry room. I just can’t get excited about the Sisyphean rigmarole, so A-Rod gets a pass from me on this one.

What really stuck out to me in this interview is what a sweet girl dad he is. He’s going through all the feels of having his first baby off at college, and it’s adorable! It took me right back to memories of my father when I left for college cross-country. When my parents first took me to the airport, I was about to lug my (huuuuge) suitcase inside when my father called out to me, “Kismet! Have a great life!” Many months later my mother told me that after dropping me off my father asked to go out and do something before returning home; he wanted to delay going back to the house without me being there. He, too, was lousy at laundry.

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Mindy Kaling is the latest person to post their American Riviera Orchard gift basket on Instagram! The Duchess of Sussex sent ARO strawberry jam and lemons to Mindy shortly after Mindy appeared with Prince Harry at a BetterUp conference last week, and Mindy posted a photo of the gift basket on her Stories. Good times! As we’ve seen throughout the week, the British media has zero chill about Meghan, ARO and jam. The Mail is currently scream-weeping about how Meghan is giving away jam to fifty people and she didn’t release a list of the recipients. They’re also mad that Meghan made jam while the Princess of Wales has cancer! Did you know that King Charles is also – GASP – selling jam while he has cancer? It’s true, and Richard Eden at the Mail was eager to point out that Charles’s Highgrove-branded jams have now sold out:

The launch of the Meghan Markle’s brand of jams has had the unintended side effect of boosting sales of the King’s own brand of preserves. The Duchess of Sussex unveiled the first product of her new brand, American Riviera Orchard, with friends and influencers posting Instagram photos of a jar of her strawberry jam. It is the first part of her attempts to launch her business empire and may have taken some inspiration from her father-in-law King Charles III.

His Majesty began selling products such as jam from the Duchy of Cornwall estate in the 1990s, and has continued to sell produce from the gardens of his own private home in Highgrove. And with the renewed publicity on the Duchess of Sussex’s preserves, Charles’s own brand appears to have seen a jump in sales from royalists who have done so in such great numbers that one item sold out.

The monarch’s Highgrove Organic Strawberry Preserve was shown as being ‘sold out’ on the estate’s website on Wednesday, hours after the launch of Meghan’s own brand of strawberry jam. However, there is good news for those eager for a taste, as more 340g jars of the flavour were put on sale for £6.95 each on the Highgrove Gardens website on Thursday morning.

Other flavours sold by the brand include marmalade, rhubarb and ginger, raspberry and blackberry, and English damson.

While profits from Meghan’s business endeavours go to herself, any excess money made as part of the Highgrove brand is donated to charity.

[From The Daily Mail]

They’re desperately trying to have it both ways – they want to say that Meghan is a tacky, jam-making hussy who should never have the audacity to create a personal lifestyle brand… and they also want to say that she’s copying King Charles and that he’s doing it better. Sidenote: I honestly didn’t know that Charles had a Highgrove-specific jam line. I know about Duchy Originals (the proceeds of which legitimately go to charity) and I know about the Sandringham food-and-alcohol brand, the proceeds of which I think go towards the maintenance of Sandringham, a privately-owned property. Who actually profits from the Highgrove line though, given that Highgrove is part of the Duchy of Cornwall?

Photos courtesy of Instagram Stories, Avalon Red, Cover Images.

Here we go! Prince William did his first “event” in a month today in Surrey. While William was seen last week at a football match, I’m not sure we should count that as a work event. Although William probably does count it as a work event, given he is the Football Association president (who refused to support the Lionesses when they made the World Cup final). I digress. Today, Huevo mixed it up at Surplus to Supper, “a surplus food redistribution charity.” He posed for photos while playing around in the kitchen and lifting things. My first impression is that he seems sober.

Much like William’s sudden withdrawal from his godfather’s memorial service in February, I think William and Kensington Palace underestimate the international coverage he’s getting right now for “returning to work after a month.” I’ve seen coverage on NBC News, CBS, USA Today, Jamaica Observor, and beyond. William is used to operating with a pliable and sycophantic domestic press machine, and if you ask me, he’s not actually ready for international media to regularly cover how little he works. He has not had any work events since March 19th, three days before Kate’s big cancer video was released.

So far, I haven’t seen anything about William mentioning Kate or telling people “she’s doing well, thanks for asking.” Given how stage-managed these events are, that’s surprising. Update: according to Becky English, there was a reference to Kate. Updated again: LOL, one woman gave him cards for Kate and Charles and William seemed downright annoyed that someone would “ambush” him to send well wishes to his wife and father.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

The slimmed-down monarchy is basically a skeleton at this point. King Charles is being treated for cancer and his events have been extremely limited this year. Queen Camilla needed a 10-day vacation after doing a dozen events in five weeks’ time. The Princess of Wales has not been verifiably seen by the public since Christmas 2023. Prince William is just… MIA, in general. Sophie and Edward are crushingly boring. All of which has led to the royal rota being culled, have you noticed? In the past year or so, suddenly all of those self-important stenographers to power are being sh-tcanned. Thankfully, the royal historian industry is booming, especially when they can chime in with commentary in the American gossip media. Speaking of, royal historian Gareth Russell told Us Weekly that the slimmed-down monarchy is not sustainable and that by the time Huevo and Buttons are on the throne (or whatever), it really will just be the two of them, trying to manage all of the work. Hahahahaha good luck with that.

The slimmed-down monarchy may not be “a mistake,” but royal historian Gareth Russell exclusively told Us Weekly “it’s not what was intended.”

“If you are to use the metaphor, the monarchy is underweight at this stage, it was never intended to reach the levels that it did,” Russell told Us while promoting his book The Palace: From the Tudors to the Windsors, 500 Years of British History at Hampton Court. “It was always anticipated that you would have [King] Charles III with three working siblings and two working children and their wives, and that that would be a sustainable footing for the monarchy going forward.”

In the past five years, the firm lost Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (the pair stepped down from their senior duties in 2020), Prince Phillip (he died at age 99 in 2021), Prince Andrew (his titles were removed in 2022 after he was accused of sexual assault, which he has denied) as well as Queen Elizabeth II (she died at age 96 in September 2022).

“So at the minute we’re looking at a monarchy that really was just holding it together in terms of the number of functions they had to attend and events, overseas visits and particularly their charitable and military obligations,” Russell told Us, adding that Charles, 75, and Princess Kate Middleton’s aligning cancer battles shows “the cracks turning into craters.”

Russell noted that this has sparked conversation among the British media about the possibility that Prince Edward and Sophie’s daughter, Lady Louise Windsor and Andrew’s two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, could be moved into senior working royal statuses.

“Otherwise it is unsustainable … At the minute, Prince William is the only senior working royal man under the age of 60 and above the age of 16,” Russell said, adding that two women royals fall into that category: Kate, 42, and Sophie, 59.

Russell noted that when Princess Anne, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, Queen Camila, Charles begin to scale back their duties, “there is going to be a seriously underweight monarchy when potentially you would just have King William and Queen Catherine dealing with it, doing all of it until their children come of age.”

“The slim-down monarchy sounded a very good idea when there were so many working royals back in 2000, 2001, but through a variety of factors it is now something that needs to be rethought,” Russell told Us. Russell noted that when conversations about a condensed monarchy began, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret were alive. “That’s how long ago it was,” he added.

[From Us Weekly]

Two parallel conversations need to happen in this space, where Kate and Charles are both dealing with health issues and William is… somewhere, not working. One conversation is: are the Windsors actually missed by the general public, is there actually an outpouring of sympathy and/or an urgent need to have the royals out and about? The second conversation is: with the core senior royals largely out of sight for months now, does that make anyone rethink the funding/money part of the grand royal calculation? As in, the British taxpayer can say: here’s what I’m getting for my taxes and support of the monarchy this year.. and it’s just Camilla neighing in church while everyone else has gone missing. It’s a pretty weird element, one which the British media rarely discusses – the slimmed down monarchy has become anemic and they’re barely doing their “jobs,” so why are the taxpayers still footing the bill? Why are they still being funded to this degree?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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The Wales children return to school next week. There’s been chatter for months about when Prince William and Kate would do public events together, but since Kate’s cancer announcement on March 22, no firm plans have been made. Everything is being kept open-ended, although “sources” insist that William will be “back at work” when his kids go back to school. Those sources conveniently forget about the fakakta school run, which is the excuse given for why William can’t do anything. Speaking of, the Daily Beast’s Royalist column suggests that William wants to be the work-from-home Prince of Wales and eventually King Work From Home. It’s getting weird…

Prince William is planning a return to full time royal duties beginning next week, combining digital ‘WFH’ digital appearances and in-person engagements to maximize “impact” in what sources said would be “a template” and a “dry run” for his future reign.

William, who had not been seen or heard from in over three weeks since before his wife Kate Middleton announced she had been diagnosed with cancer, returned to public visibility Wednesday with a social media post paying tribute to a leading female soccer player retiring from England’s national team. It was a carefully calibrated dip of the toe back into public life, and ongoing digital engagement of this kind is understood to be a key plank of his strategy for combining the unexpected intensification of his royal role occasioned by his father’s illness with being a “family man,” bringing a kind of “WFH” approach to the business of royalty as one friend put it.

While Kensington Palace declined to comment on what exactly William’s plans for the next few weeks are, and did not respond to questions about whether William would be doing more work online, his office previously briefed journalists that he could expect to be seen back in public again once the school term recommenced on Wednesday next week. The Daily Beast understands that this is still the plan and he will be making a series of in-person public appearances over the coming weeks.

A friend of the couple told The Daily Beast: “In many ways the next few weeks and months will be a template for his future reign because he will have similar personnel available after he succeeds to the throne, even if that doesn’t happen for many years. I think you’ll see him try and balance the demands of state with the demands of being a good family man, taking care of his sick wife and making sure his kids are doing OK. I’m sure that will mean doing more stuff online. He can ‘WFH’ and do hybrid working a bit. Frankly, it has more impact because it reaches many more people.”

Another source, a former royal courtier, told The Daily Beast: “William and Kate had hoped to have several decades as Prince and Princess of Wales, and, god willing, they will still get them. But what is interesting about the next few months is that William is being forced into a dry run at being king much sooner than he might have imagined such a thing would come to pass. Of course he doesn’t welcome it, but there will certainly be some fascinating straws in the wind about what the reign of ‘King Billy’ will look like.”

One thing that seems certain when talking to friends and advisors of William both recently and over the past few years is that he has no intention of emulating his grandmother’s model of doing several hundred engagements a year and being patron of hundreds and hundreds of charities. Instead, the goal will be to represent less causes but have more “impact,” to use a favored term.

But be in no doubt: if the last few weeks have shown anything it is that the needs of Kate and the kids will always, for William, trump the demands of state and charitable organizations. Kate is doing well, her team says, but if a conflict arises, William will likely have little hesitation in canceling royal engagements to focus on family.

[From The Daily Beast]

“But what is interesting about the next few months is that William is being forced into a dry run at being king…” What’s interesting about the previous four months is that William was asked to step up and he balked. He lied repeatedly, he and his office manipulated photos and videos, he showed up drunk to day events, he drank at day events and then stumbled over to a Welsh school, and then he kept on lying. He’s a 41-year-old man – 42 in June – who was a ball of lies and chaos for months and now he’s positioning himself as “this is what my reign as king will look like.” As for the whole “work from home” angle… QEII always said that she had to be seen to be believed. Charles feels the same way – that a king must be seen, must be out with his subjects. The future King Huevo’s motto is “who wants to day-drink on a Zoom call?”

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

The Duchess of Sussex and Tom Parker Bowles have two things in common: they’ve both blogged about food and both are launching food-centric projects this year. Meghan is doing a California-based cooking show for Netflix, and Queen Camilla’s son will publish a cookbook called Cooking and the Crown this fall. Would you believe that the reactions to Meghan and Tom’s projects are being met with wildly different reactions from the royalist media? The royalist media has been in meltdown for weeks at the very thought of Meghan selling cookware. Meanwhile, the queen consort’s loser son literally used his royal connections to write a cookbook based on food served in palaces and castles. He put a crown on the book cover and “crown” in the book title. Obviously, this means that Tom Parker Bowles is sending a “message” to… Prince Harry. Because SPARE!

Queen Camilla’s son Tom Parker Bowles is bringing out a new book and it sends a message to Prince Harry after his damning Spare memoir, according to an expert. Food critic Tom’s book will feature over 100 recipes, from state banquets to breakfasts and behind-the-scenes facts about life in the royal kitchens. The book, Cooking and the Crown: Royal Recipes from Queen Victoria to King Charles III, is scheduled for publication in the UK on September 26, 2024.

Speaking about the book, royal author Phil Dampier told Fabulous: “Tom is very much supporting and celebrating the monarchy, and would never do anything to damage it. He is sending a message that you can talk about the monarchy in positive terms and not denigrate it as Harry did in Spare. Harry washed his dirty linen in public and that is something Tom would never do. He is the complete opposite to Prince Harry whose book was one long ‘poor me’ moan.”

Tom and sister Laura Lopes are Queen Camilla’s children from her previous marriage with retired British Army officer, Andrew Parker Bowles, who she divorced in 1995.

Unlike Prince Harry’s Spare, which revealed numerous personal details about the royals, including how William allegedly attacked him and how he labelled Meghan “difficult” and “rude”, Phil expects Tom to be “discrete” in his book. He explained: “Tom Parker Bowles has always been the soul of discretion where the royals are concerned, which can’t have been easy for him. As a journalist he is inevitably a natural gossip and he must have been privy to so many secrets over the years, like when his mother was going to marry Charles, and so many bits of inside information that others would kill for. But he has remained discreet and would obviously never do anything to upset his mother, who trusts him totally.”

Phil theorised that some may consider Tom to be “cashing in” on his royal connections by “writing a book about royal recipes”, but added: “You can hardly blame him.”

The royal expert added: “He’s not the first person to write such a book and there’s nothing to stop any other author applying to visit royal archives, you just have to go through a process. But obviously he can ask the Queen for a few titbits about royal banquets and events which others might not have access to. There are always going to be critics saying he is exploiting his position, but he didn’t get any choice as to who he is related to and whatever he does someone will carp from the sidelines.”

[From The Sun]

Just so we’re clear, they’ve now moved the goalposts to “it’s perfectly fine to cash in on your royal connections just as long as you’re dishonest and you never say a word against the Windsors!” That’s why the royalist media has collectively shrugged over Tom’s tacky exercise – because they know he will not spill any royal tea. In print anyway. Because despite Phil Dampier’s insistence that Tom is the soul of discretion, we can make direct connections from Camilla and Tom to Tatler Magazine’s shenanigans and to Giles Coren (one of Tom’s closest friends) and from there, half of the society gossip about the Waleses, the Sussexes and more. A mother and son who have Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson on speed dial don’t get to play the “we’re so discreet” angle.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

Our new Gossip With Celebitchy podcast comes out this weekend, and I was sort of confronted by the fact that I do not have one comprehensive conspiracy for what the hell is going on with Prince William and the Princess of Wales. All I know is that we’ve been lied to consistently for months and there’s a movement afoot to cover up and ignore the lies. But why have all of these lies happened? Why did it feel like Carole and Michael Middleton had gone silent for months on purpose? Why were sightings, photos and videos of Kate manipulated, staged or faked? It still doesn’t make any sense.

Something else which doesn’t make any sense: the new move to suddenly portray William and his mother-in-law as still extremely close. Don’t get me wrong – Carole was a huge part of why William married Kate. Carole took a huge role in “managing” William and Kate’s marriage for years. But at some point (circa 2021), suddenly Carole didn’t seem to have much control over William anymore. I still remember the bonkers tantrum coming from Middleton HQ over whether Kate and her family would attend the unveiling of the Diana statue. That was some kind of breaking point, in my opinion. Plus, now that Party Pieces collapsed, we see that the Middletons were grifters the whole time and that William got played. So what’s up with the “Carole and William went to a pub together” story? And why is the Mail running this “William and Carole are especially close” reminder?

She’s been his mother-in-law for 13 years – and over the decades, Carole Middleton has become not only family but a close friend the Prince of Wales can ‘confide’ in. Recently, the pair were reportedly spotted at a ‘low key’ pub outing in Norfolk, as the Princess of Wales was thought to have stayed at home. It is understood that Kate’s mother was staying with her and William, 41, in Norfolk over Easter – while her daughter is being treated for cancer.

It’s no wonder that William and ‘second mum’ Carole, 69, have over the years formed a bond. One expert in past has also remarked how she has taught her son-in-law ‘how a loving and supportive family works’. She has provided a ‘real sense of normality amid any chaos’ for the Prince since he married Kate in 2011, royal biographer Angela Levin told The Sun in 2021.

‘[Carole] made him feel secure, comfortable and protected and he didn’t have to worry about what he said or be responsible for her emotions,’ she claimed.

Carole has also been on hand as a supportive, and very involved grandmother to William and Kate’s children. Speaking to PEOPLE, one palace insider also said that Carole and her husband, who only need to take a short drive from Bucklebury, Berkshire to Windsor, are already ‘an enduring factor in the upbringing of their grandchildren’.

The Prince is also close with his wife’s parents because of their united commitment to Kate’s happiness and safety. As reported by Mirror, author Jennie Bond earlier this year told OK that ‘attacks’ from Omid Scobie’s Endgame left William feeling ‘guilty and angry because he promised Kate’s parents that he would protect and look after her’.

‘The attacks from Omid Scobie were vicious, so William will feel guilty because all she’s done is fall in love with someone who happened to be a future king,’ she said. ‘There’s obviously a lot of baggage that comes with this – it’s a unique and different life which you’ve got to have a very thick skin for.’

William also found a mother figure in Carole, with him and Kate relying on her support after his brother Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the UK, a source told The Sun in 2020. They said: ‘William’s in-laws have become like second parents and Carole is almost a Diana-Type mum.’

The insider added that William and Kate visited Berkshire ‘quite a few’ times following the Sussexes departure.

[From The Daily Mail]

There’s a theory that Carole and Michael Middleton have actually been mostly in charge of the Wales kids this year, and the pub visit – if it happened – was something like a custodial drop-off. That theory is interesting, and obviously, we don’t know. We’re just shooting in the dark. What I don’t get is why there was radio silence from Carole for months – all while Pippa and James Middleton were on separate luxury holidays while their sister had just been diagnosed with cancer – and this week, we’re getting a sighting and a regurgitated story about William and Carole’s closeness. WTF is going on behind the scenes?

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

In four years, the royalist-commentary class has completely rewritten the history of the Sussexit. They’re repeated certain lies so many times, they’ve actually believe them, despite Prince Harry refuting many of those lies on the record, in interviews and in his memoir. Harry has made it perfectly clear that he wants a relationship with his father but that he loves living in America with his wife and children. He considers California to be his home now, and his wife and children are his top priorities. There’s a concerted effort to portray Harry as desperate to go back to the UK, desperate to be a working royal again, desperate to beg his brother and father for forgiveness. The latest effort is centered around this fakakta “church service” to mark the ten-year anniversary of the Invictus Games in London next month. Will Harry go, will he bring Meghan, and now: will Charles order Meghan and Harry to become part-time working royals?

The Duke of Sussex is said to be “eager to return to London” to help “take up some of the slack” as the royal family faces low resources, amid King Charles and Princess Kate’s cancer diagnoses.

In an exclusive interview with HELLO! Canada, Christopher Andersen, author of The King: The Life of Charles III, argued that Prince Harry is looking forward to coming back to the UK next month for the 10th anniversary celebration of the Invictus Games – and that he believes Harry would be open to the idea of working as a part-time royal.

“In fact, he’s eager to return to London and help take up some of the slack now that the medical issues of the King and the Princess of Wales have thrown the monarchy into a state of crisis,” the author told HELLO! Canada contributor Chris Daniels. He also believes it would be in the King’s best interests to grant the Duke and Duchess of Sussex the part-time roles they had originally asked for.

“If they could all put these perceived slights and resentments behind them, Harry and Meghan could be hugely valuable assets to the monarchy at a time when it could use all the help it can get.”

However, even if Harry is ready for reconciliation, his closest family members might not be. Given just 45 minutes with his father after he flew to the UK following news of the King’s cancer diagnosis in February, Harry also asked to meet with his brother, “but William refused,” said Christopher, who maintains “bitterness” still exists between the brothers since Harry released his take-no-prisoners memoir Spare in 2023.

“Keep in mind that the Prince of Wales is saddled with the enormous responsibility of holding both his family and the monarchy together while his wife and father cope with their serious medical issues. He simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to deal with the baggage that inevitably accompanies Harry. Having the ‘spare’ back in the royal fold would simply be an enormous distraction, despite his good intentions.”

[From Hello]

William “simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to deal with the baggage that inevitably accompanies Harry.” I don’t think William has the bandwidth for much of anything, and that’s the larger (unspoken) issue. “If they could all put these perceived slights and resentments behind them, Harry and Meghan could be hugely valuable assets to the monarchy at a time when it could use all the help it can get.” In fact, they were prepared to put aside the very real trauma and abuse they suffered to be part-time royals and still work for a dying institution. That offer was refused, so they built their lives apart from the institution. This fantasy where Harry somehow “offered” to come back to work is not coming from Montecito, it’s a fantasy being spun… seemingly by Buckingham Palace, as a way to pit the two brothers against each other and get William off his ass.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red. Cover courtesy of Hello Canada.

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