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Are we over-squadding? Are we over squadding? I think so, yes. But before we kill it, here’s the squad that’s keeping it alive.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are currently shooting Passengers in Atlanta. Atlanta this weekend hosted the Oddball Comedy Festival featuring, among others, Amy …

Gwen Stefani & Sons: Church On Sunday

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Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church

Newly single Gwen Stefani stepped out with her three boys – Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 19 months – in Los Angeles, Calif.

Joined by the nanny, the No Doubt frontwoman, 46, and her sons went to church on Sunday (October 4).

The night before, the Grammy Award-winning singer was spotted at a theatrical performance of The Sound of Music. Joined by her parents and boys, The Voice coach was celebrating her 46th birthday.

After 13 years of marriage, the Just a Girl hitmaker and her husband, fellow rocker Gavin Rossdale, recently announced their plans for separation.

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Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church
Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church
Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church
Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church
Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church
Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church
Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church
Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church
Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church
Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church
Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church
Gwen Stefani Takes Her Boys To Church

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Hugh Grant is like the Tori Spelling/Kristin Cavallari of aging English actors: he just keeps having babies. All of a sudden, over the past four years, he’s been having babies nonstop with two different women. The first woman to have his baby was Tinglan Hong, a sometime lover/girlfriend who became pregnant when she was definitely NOT Hugh’s official girlfriend or anything. They welcomed their daughter Tabitha back in 2011. Then Hugh got Tinglan pregnant again (!!) and they had their son Felix two years ago. In between those babies, Hugh also knocked up a Swedish woman named Anna Eberstein and they welcomed their son, John Mungo Grant, back in September 2012.

For what it’s worth, I think Anna is closer to being Hugh’s official girlfriend than Tinglan ever was. Even though he got Anna pregnant when Tinglan was pregnant with Tabitha (this is giving me a headache), he actually goes out in public with Anna and they seem to have some kind of (open?) relationship. Also, for what it’s worth, I think he bought fancy houses for both women and their children and by all accounts, he spends time with all of his kids… although he lives separately from the mothers and maintains his own space, and the kids live exclusively with their mothers. Anyway, the photos in this post are of Hugh and Anna spending time together last year. Guess what? He got her pregnant again. For the love of God!

Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein is pregnant and it could be Hugh Grant’s fourth child, it has been claimed. The 35-year-old, who already has a three-year-old son with the actor, was spotted with what appeared to be a baby bump while walking in Chelsea, west London, on Thursday. Her outing prompted speculation the British star, who also has two children with another woman, is set to become a father again.

The Sun claimed a source confirmed the news and said the actor, 55, has told friends the baby is a girl. They said: ‘He is very happy. He loves being a father and is now getting used to it.’

But representatives for Mr Grant are yet to comment on the claims. Mr Grant and Ms Eberstein were pictured together multiple times over the summer. They were spotted watching a tennis match in Paris in May and the pair also watched the Wimbledon Men’s Final together in July. Their first child, John Mungo Grant, was born in September 2012.

Mr Grant’s involvement was only revealed when his full name appeared on the birth certificate after it was re-registered in 2013. The actor also has two other children – Tabitha, four, and Felix, two – with Chinese-born receptionist and actress Tinglan Hong.

[From The Daily Mail]

Is this the new normal? The thing is… everyone involved is an adult, and there’s no indication that Hugh has lied to these women or misrepresented himself to them in any way. I think he just happened to find two women (at the same time) who wanted to have babies and didn’t really care if he ever married them or even wanted to be in a serious relationship. There’s no indication that either woman was or is looking for a more “traditional” life with him. They have the babies, he buys them nice homes and seems to financially support them so they don’t have to work and they can be full-time moms, and he gets to be a dad without a lot of muss or fuss. It all seems to work out rather beautifully, and the ladies seem happy enough because he keeps getting them pregnant. So… even though it’s super-messy, it’s probably healthier than what a lot of people have. Isn’t that weird?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

The Affair Season 2 Episode 1 recap

Oh, I forgot how much I missed this show.

It’s such a tiny, rarefied slice of people, with the epitome of high-class problems, buying hotels and going to benefit dinners but somehow also being married to people who don’t know how advances work and have …

“Eva, you did it! You finally did it! All your hard work has paid off, and I could not be more proud of you. You did an amazing job, and I am so impressed with your consistency and perseverance. I would love to celebrate over brunch and mineral water with you, but since an ocean is separating us …


The Martian did so well at the box office its opening weekend, with a $55 million take, that it fell only slightly behind the all time record for the month of October. That was set by another space film, 2013?s Gravity, which made $55.7 million domestically. (It’s still possible that The Martian will surpass Gravity once the final numbers are in.) The Martian also made an additional $45.2 million internationally this weekend.

The Martian has been lauded by audiences and critics, and should continue to perform well in the coming weeks. Based on the novel by Andy Weir, the film uses real science and math to explain the trials of astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon), who gets stranded on Mars after being separated from the rest of his crew. Director Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Alien) and screenwriter Drew Goddard (Lost, World War Z) collaborated with NASA to ensure authenticity and were allowed unprecedented access to NASA facilities and technology.

Of course NASA just announced last week that water was found on Mars, and this surely boosted interest in the film. The timing of that announcemenet was likely planned by NASA, considering how much they’re benefitting from cross promotion. Director Scott recently said that he knew there was water on Mars “months ago” but by that point it was too late to work that detail into the film.

Warning: spoilers for The Martian follow
This was a thrilling, fast-paced film that had me wringing my hands and trying not to cry at key moments. Despite all the tension, there were moments of real levity. The characters were unique, the dialogue was clever and even the secondary characters, like Donald Glover’s eccentric scientist, were highly watchable.

Watney is a hard working go-getter with a sharp sense of humor and the ability to power through with ingenuity and skill. He managed to entertain himself by keeping busy and giving video confessionals, never losing his sense of purpose or determination. Damon turned in a sublime performance that kept his wiseass character relatable, his boasting and bragging a necessary coping mechanism to the life or death situation he faced daily.

My only complaint is that everything was tied up with a bow at the end. No one died, there were no villains and everyone seemed highly competent. Even when the crew committed mutiny to save Watney, there was hardly any blowback. At some point you knew that that everyone would survive. In the entire film there was only a brief moment of human error, a calculated 5% risk that was overcome when the Chinese government stepped in with classified technology. The conflicts within NASA were minimal as everyone had the objective to bring Watney home.

There was a glossy sheen to The Martian, the presumption that most people are logical and solution-oriented and that peril can universally be overcome with the application of knowledge. If this were true in reality, we would already have colonies on Mars.

The Martian may bring Damon his first acting Oscar, and it could also break the Oscar losing streak for sci-fi films.



Intro for October 5, 2015

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Dear Gossips,

Had a good time at Taylor Swift on Friday night although that’s probably the first and last time in my life I’ll ever hope for Drake and end up with Keith Urban. As fun as it was to be there though, Taylor was not the best entertainment of my weekend. Because on Saturday night L…


Last week, the Daily Mail ran a very interesting story about how Prince Charles is trying to act more like a king these days. The story had nothing to do with the Queen exactly, but with Charles’ long-held beliefs in the power of multi-faith societies. You see, Charles is tight with the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama was in the UK for nine days for a tour, and the one-time close friends didn’t even see each other. Sources told the Mail that Charles didn’t meet with his friend on purpose – Charles is trying not to do anything to offend Chinese President Xi Jinping ahead of the president’s big state visit to the UK later this month. Charles has a tricky history with Chinese leaders and he usually boycotts or simply isn’t invited to dinners or events with previous Chinese presidents. The Daily Mail says Charles is trying to show off his diplomatic skills this time around and he’ll be at Buckingham Palace for the Chinese delegation’s arrival and the arrival lunch.

But! Charles still has a little ways to go before he’s considered a diplomatic heavy. And the Queen still didn’t invite Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall (who probably couldn’t give two sh-ts) to the big state dinner/banquet in honor of President Xi Jinping. No, Buckingham Palace will instead trot out their new diplomatic heavies… Prince William and Duchess Kate. Seriously?

The Duchess of Cambridge’s no-shows at friends’ weddings have led to her being described as a social recluse, but she is set to make one of her most significant public appearances yet. I hear that Kate is to attend the State banquet at Buckingham Palace for the president of China, Xi Jinping, with Prince William later this month.

‘Catherine will be there,’ says a royal source.

‘The State visit is a result of the invitation that William made when he visited China earlier this year.’ The dinner, hosted by the Queen, will be the first State banquet that Kate has attended since she married the Prince in 2011. William is keen to nurture good relations with the Chinese to help him stamp out the trade in illegal wildlife.

Prince Charles, whose description of China’s Communist leaders as ‘appalling old waxworks’ provoked a diplomatic storm in 2005, will not be there to spoil the party.

[From The Daily Mail]

We’ve heard this rumor before of course, but I feel like it’s being framed as “the Cambridges are coming instead of Charles and Camilla.” And after Charles snubbed the Dalai Lama and everything! And does anyone else think it’s slightly weird that Kate hasn’t been invited to a single state dinner since becoming the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011? And if William bangs on and on about illegal wildlife all night, this will be the last state dinner they ever attend. British and Chinese leaders have much more to discuss than William’s one single issue.


Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet.

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I’m a little bit surprised that HBO did the big premiere event for The Leftovers Season 2 in Austin, Texas. I’m also surprised that they waited so long to do it – these photos are from Saturday night, just 24 hours before the HBO premiere on Sunday. Surely HBO wanted to hype The Leftovers more than this? Maybe not though – The Leftovers was completely shut out of the Emmys, so it doesn’t seem like HBO wants to spend any additional promotional money on this show.

Anyway, this Austin red carpet was the first red carpet appearance by Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theoux together as a married couple. I can’t say Aniston really brought it with the style though – this is one unflattering jumpsuit. I know it’s probably expensive as hell and very “high fashion,” but it’s really not working for me (nor is it working for her). Oh, and guess what? The jumpsuit is by Stella McCartney. I didn’t even know that at first, but now it’s like “Oh, no wonder why I hate it.” Stella’s designs are so unflattering.

Meanwhile, here are some assorted quotes from Justin from various outlets:

On the tabloid attention he gets from being with Jennifer: “It was frustrating earlier on when we first got together because I didn’t understand it. I’ve said this before, but it’s almost like having an avatar born, or a clone. This clone that’s completely insane. They’re out in this world doing their own thing and it has no bearing on my life or what I do or what happens in my house or my life. And so I maintain a completely healthy distance from that, because I don’t know that guy. He’s the most unstable, emotional person on the planet—you know, constantly storming out, getting furious, crying.”

His brief foray into network TV on ‘The District’: “I was very young. It was like putting your foot in dog sh-t and you’re like, ‘It’s warm,’ and then you realize, ‘Oh f–k, it’s dog sh-t.’ I didn’t know any better. I think when you’re starting out acting you don’t think you get an opinion. You’re just trying to get a job. You’re just trying to eat some food. It’s only eventually you realize, ‘Oh, I’m allowed to have taste. I’m allowed to do what I want to do.’”

He defies typecasting: “Whenever I tried to pick a spot on the wall and walk towards it, it never really works out. I ended up getting frustrated. In a weird way it served me because I’m a bit of a moving target. I’m not necessarily considered for a lot of dramas and I’m also not necessarily considered for a lot of comedies. It’s a slower burn to getting what I want.”

Fame: “It has never been a motivator for me in any way. I’ve always had a pretty pragmatic attitude, which is ‘work hard.’ And then I happened to fall in love with someone who is also a hardworking actor. And that was it.”

Justin on the silent treatment: “Someone once said, ‘Silence is the most unbearable rejoinder.’ And that’s true in relationships. If someone’s giving you the silent treatment, there’s nothing more infuriating.”

He enjoys saying ‘My wife’: “Oh my god. It’s really nice to say ‘my wife’. I’m not used to it. I don’t want to get used to it for a while. It’s nice to drop the fiancée moniker. There’s just sort of an easy that comes with it that’s really nice. I can’t quite describe it. I guess it’s one of those things that’s like you know it when you see it, or feel it when you feel it for those who are married they’d know. But it’s just something that settles and feels lovely and wonderful.”

[From The Daily Beast & ET]

The part about Tabloid Justin versus Real Life Justin is funny and it sort of proves that he does read the tabloids (Jennifer does too). The only problem is that it’s usually BRAD PITT who is crying and storming out, not Justin. That’s the tabloid narrative – Brad is the weeper because The Leg is always ordering him around. The tabloid version of Justin is sort of a blank slate.

In the Daily Beast interview, Justin is also asked about Damon Lindelof, the creator of The Leftovers. Lindelof has become sort of infamous in the past five years or so for being such a terrible hack – people are still mad at Lindelof for the terrible last season of Lost, and let’s face it… Prometheus sh-t the bed as well, as did Tomorrowland (he wrote both). When asked about Lindelof’s history of f—king up shows and movies, Justin said that The Leftovers is “very him” (meaning Lindelof) and “free of that baggage of whatever the f–k happened on his last show. I understand the pressures of that, and I almost don’t want to give any oxygen to it. Because this show is not about leading up to a finale. It’s about exploring the emotional depths in every character and what experiences they go through.” Ah, classic navel-gazing emo crap. Got it.

View image | gettyimages.com

View image | gettyimages.com

View image | gettyimages.com

Photos courtesy of Getty.


This is Matthew McConaughey.


This is really Matthew McConaughey. MM was pap’d in NYC over the weekend working on his latest movie, Gold. He plays Kenny Wells, described as a “struggling businessman” who teams up with a character played by (scorching HOT) Edgar Ramirez to search for gold in Indonesia. I think MM has actually been filming this movie for a while, they just filmed all the “jungle” parts already, (maybe they filmed those scenes in Thailand?).

It’s widely believed in many circles that McConaughey got hairplugs many years ago. I’m trying to think back to when his hair really changed. His hairline started really receding in the mid to late ‘90s, then magically, it started to “grow back” in the early ‘00s. I mention this hair conspiracy because if Matthew had gone completely natural, this might be what he would really look like at this point. Granted, I don’t think Matthew would ever let himself get this kind of paunch in real life. I don’t even think this paunch is real, for the movie. I think he’s wearing padding. I’m almost sure of it.

I have to wonder… I realize that McConaughey is a big Oscar-winning actor now, but if they needed an actor to play a schlub, certainly the first thought was not “let’s cast McConaughey,” right? Because just in these photos, I’m already wondering why they didn’t just cast Paul Giamatti. It really looks like McConaughey is doing a Giamatti impersonation.

Also: even if McConaughey did gain weight for this role, I don’t hate it. I wish more actors and actresses gained weight for movies. I wish Michael Fassbender would take a role where he had to gain weight. Same with Benedict Cumberbatch! I like a man with a little bit of pudge.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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