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Yesterday Lainey wrote about RDJ walking out on an interview. When I watched the clip, the one thing that really struck me about it is how un-RDJ he was about it. This guy knows how to be a movie star, like George Clooney knows how to be a movie star and Julia Roberts knows how to be a movie star…      


Avengers: Age of Ultron star Scarlett Johansson covers the latest issue of Parade and opens up about family life with husband Romain Dauriac and their 7-month-old daughter Rose.

On motherhood: “The biggest joy that I have is looking at my daughter. When I’m just hanging out with her and we’re doing silly stuff and if I make her laugh, the feeling of joy I have is explosive. If I can make her laugh and she gets a big smile on her face, that’s pretty much it. If only you could actually bottle that and carry it around.”

On raising her daughter in the spotlight: “It’s hard. On the one hand, you don’t want to isolate your kids, but you don’t want to make your kids feel like freaks: There’s this fascination with famous kids, like they’re celebrity spawn. I have many luxuries of fame, but I make my own bed. I like to buy my groceries. I drive my car. I like to do the normal, everyday things that I’ve always enjoyed. It doesn’t mean that when I drive out of my garage, I don’t fear that I’m being followed by somebody, because I probably am. But there’s always going to be an adjustment. At some point, you have to take your life back and say, ‘You know what? If I feel like picking up my dry cleaning and if someone’s going to photograph me doing it, so what?’ Part of being with your kids is making them feel as safe and normal as you can.”

On making marriage work: “Acting is a very strange world to be co-existing in. It’s very volatile. There’s always going to be the more successful person. It’s related to rejection. Because actors, if they’re not having success, connect it directly to unpopularity—to the fact that nobody wants them. It’s not necessarily true. I’m constantly rejected. [Marriage] takes a lot of work. It takes a man who’s not only confident in the love that you have for one another, but confident in what he has going on in his own career. He has to be in a field that’s completely different from yours. My husband’s also involved in art. What’s important to him is the recognition that he gets from his job, and that has nothing to do with my job.”

On dividing time between Paris and NYC: “I live a little bit of everywhere. My husband and I and the baby are a little bit nomadic at the moment. We like to go out and go dancing. Other times, we like to sit at home and eat Thai food and watch House Hunters International for four hours. And we’re interested in each other’s worlds. He’s interested in my weird, alien entertainment world. It fascinates him because it’s so different than what he knows. And I like to go to art openings with him and talk about art and emerging artists with him. That’s his passion.”

For more from Scarlett, go to Parade



Love the photobomb!

Famous sisters, Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson, were all smiles at a special preview of The Gleason Project in Venice, Calif. on Thursday (April 23). Jessica looked lovely in a black and white jumpsuit with crisscross back, and Ashlee was simply radiant in a red maxi maternity dress.

While supporting his football pal Steve Gleason who is living with ALS, Eric Johnson photobombed his wife and sister-in-law at the formal event.

Ashlee was joined by husband, actor-singer Evan Ross. The couple expect their first child – a daughter – together.

Gleason – former New Orleans Saints football player – was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 34. After the posh event, he shared a special message on Facebook about the upcoming film featuring his story.

“Tonight in Los Angeles, friends and supporters unveiled a preview of The Gleason Project, a feature-length documentary of Steve’s life after being diagnosed with ALS.

“Part of my purpose is to inspire others to live life to its fullest, to overcome adversity, and to explore what is truly possible,” Gleason said in a statement. “This film, and the story it tells, is a product of my purpose.”

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During a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham talked about her happy family life with husband, former football star David Beckham, and their four children: sons Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12, and Cruz, 10, and 3½-year-old daughter Harper.

“She’s amazing,” Victoria gushed of her gorgeous girl. “All our kids are amazing. I mean, they’re really good kids. You know, they work hard at school. They’re happy. They’re funny. They are just really good kids, and she’s so great.”

Sounding every bit the proud mom, Posh went on to talk about her sweet sons.

“The boys are great with her,” she shared. “She’s a little tomboy. You know, she loves to wear little dresses, but then, she loves to put her football boots on and get in the garden with her brothers, and have a little rough and tumble. Which I think is great.”

And it sounds like they’re teaching the kids about strong work ethic.

“He’s a good boy,” Victoria said of her firstborn. “He’s worked in the local café cleaning up dishes for the last two years, which I think is great. For me and David, we work a lot, but the kids are everything to us.”

“We are very, very present,” she added. “I think it’s important that the kids have a good work ethic and try to help other people as well.”

The pair went on to play a game called “Tats on Becks,” where Victoria had to identify the body parts in which her husband’s tattoos are located. For each tat Victoria got right, Ellen donated $1,000 to the United Nations Fund.

Check out the fun clip below…



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Meet Avri Roel Downey!

During a Thursday appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman, Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. introduced his 5-month-old daughter.

“I have three: a 21-year-old, Indio, a 3-year-old, Exton, and now Avri is a little over 5 months,” the Avengers: Age of Ultron star, 50, shared. “I thought I’d show the first picture on planet Earth here with you, kind sir.”

The Golden Globe award-winning actor went on to gush about his only daughter.

“The yellow bonnet helps! You gotta love a yellow bonnet,” he said. Letterman replied: “She’s beautiful.”

“No rivalry?,” Letterman asked of his younger kids.

“Not yet,” Downey replied. “It’s natural for Exton to want to bite her once in a while. It can start off as a little pet and then it turns into a nibble. I think it’s just establishing dominance. She’ll be running stuff at some point.”

The Captain America star also chatted about his recent 50th birthday bash, attended by famous pals such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Holmes, Reese Witherspoon, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Aniston, Dustin Hoffman, and more.

For more details, click below…



Here are some photos of Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Lucifer’s Homegirl, out to dinner at Craig’s in West Hollywood last night. I guess they were having a nice girls’ night out, although Khloe and Kris are dressed for “date night.” I’m pretty sure Kris is wearing boots that belong to Kim. And I’m pretty sure that Khloe’s biscuit AND her breasts fell out repeatedly in this ensemble. In one of these photos, you can even see her boob coming out of her dress (thankfully she’s wearing a bra).

Khloe has been working out A LOT lately – she recently confessed to working out seven days a week, five of them with a trainer. She’s been targeting her waist and legs, I think, which makes the Pinocchio Butt stand out even more. I actually think Khloe looks pretty good these days, I just wish she would stop messing with her lips. But let’s not kid ourselves, Khloe wants to be seen as “thin.” She wants to have a fit, healthy and THIN figure. So that makes this little Page Six item a little bit weird.

Khloé Kardashian is not into being too thin. The reality TV star and entrepreneur is working on an advice book on how to develop “strength and true beauty” in a “culture that worships skinny,” the publisher Regan Arts announced Thursday.

The book is currently untitled and scheduled for publication on Nov. 3.

Kardashian said in a statement issued by Regan Arts that she wanted to inspire readers to “create their own true strength and beauty inside and out.”

[From Page Six]

It’s a great message, to tell young women that they don’t need to worship the skinny, that they don’t need to alter their appearances just to fit in. But is Khloe the person who should take up this cause? The messenger is as important as the message in this case, and Khloe has altered her face and surgically enhanced her body and she does, in fact, worship the skinny. Eh, what does it really matter though? This book is going to be ghost-written by someone else.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.



Taylor Swift covers the June issue of Glamour UK. She’s the guest editor as well, which means she probably got approval over this cover and editorial. It’s okay, I just wish Swifty had some more poses in her arsenal. I also wish the cover wasn’t so… ORANGE. Even Swifty looks positively Boehner-esque. As for the interview, I’m assuming that Swifty-as-guest-editor got some say in the content, as in she got to talk about what she wanted to talk about. Which means that Swifty got to throw herself a pity party because she should be able to write blind item songs about boys without anyone making fun of her, you guys. You guys are such meanies!!

Romance ain’t easy: “There is no easy way for me to engage with romance. I’m really busy, so I can’t. And it’s a good thing that I feel really independent and I feel that my friends are all I need.”

Being “shamed”: “It’s kind of a sad way I got there though, being shamed into it. What else is it when you have two boyfriends in one year and everyone’s calling you boy crazy, making jokes about you at awards shows? That’s public humiliation. And I don’t think it’s fair.”

She doesn’t want to have a sexualized image: “You know, everybody has different priorities as an artist…Every woman has different things that make them feel strong and powerful. For me, I don’t have any need or urge to write about overt sexuality. It just never occurs to me. I appreciate girls who sing about whatever they want, because that’s what they want to sing about.”

[From Glamour UK via E! News]

Her quote about being publicly “shamed” reminds me of her quotes to Vanity Fair back in 2013, when she threw a hissy fit about Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s Golden Globes jokes and sniped “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” The problem is not that Taylor is being “shamed” or “humiliated.” She’s not. The problem is that she really cannot take a joke. She can’t stand when she’s the punchline, even if the joke is some innocuous one-liner. “Feminism” does not equal “no one is ever allowed to say anything bad about Taylor Swift ever or make a joke at her expense.” And if people stopped talking about her petty boy drama and blind item songs, then how in the world would she promote her albums? The blind item songs are more than half of Swifty’s PR!!!

Photos courtesy of Glamour UK.


Dr Oz

Dr. Mahmet Oz has come under fire with a fresh wave of criticism (although the first wave never stopped). Nearly a year ago, the Senate scolded him for his lack of accountability in shilling all sorts of untested products. His enthusiasm can be infectious, and viewers tune in on the regular. Part of the entertainment factor of the show is watching Oz excitedly jump up and down in his scrubs. He’ll endorse almost anything, although he claims to have stopped shilling diet products. That’s a wise move, since many of those products were supported by bogus studies. Some of the products he endorses haven’t been tested and could be dangerous.

Oz still holds a position with Columbia University as a professor (in the department of surgery). His colleagues aren’t pleased to share their ranks with a guy who uses his influence to shout about “miracle cures” and “metabolism game changers.” They’ve accused him of acting under conflicts of interest and supporting products without “evidence-based” benefits. Oz fired back with an entire episode where he trashed his critics, saying “some of them have their own conflict of interest issues.” Oz is not denying that he’s a quack, just that there are other quacks in the room, so stop picking on him, okay? He’s proud of his “flowery language, and he’s a “cheerleader” for his audience.

Oz sat down with Mr. Glib himself, Matt Lauer, to talk about how his show will go nowhere because America needs him:

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has been under fire by fellow physicians seeking his dismissal from Columbia University’s surgery department, says he is confident that his TV show will outlive the current controversy.

“Without question, the show will survive it,” Oz told Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview. “I want to keep doing the show for as long as I can because I think we played an important role in making America a better place.”

Last week, a letter signed by 10 physicians urged Columbia University to cut ties with the surgeon. On Friday, USA Today published an op-ed penned by Oz’s Columbia colleagues who attacked the “Dr. Oz Show” for its promotion of weight-loss products and other items they view as questionable.

Oz said he stands by using words like “radical” and “miracle” while discussing all but one health topic on his show. “I’m proud of all those words. There’s only one time that I have not been proud of and that’s the understandable frustration that has been expressed about weight-loss supplements,” he said. “I wish I could take back the words I said about them. This is a flawed area with lots of fraud, both in the research and in products. And we no longer talk about them. I haven’t talked about them in a year.”

During an earlier interview with NBC’s Stephanie Gosk, Oz defended his show, saying its purpose was to discuss “the good life,” not medicine.

He emphasized the point with Lauer, saying his show is “much broader than a medical lecture series.” Oz said his show embraces “unconventional practices” like the power of prayer or how wellness is practiced in China. He said last week’s letter from doctors criticizing him as careless came from individuals who “have agendas,” specifically biases against genetically modified organisms, an areas he has supported. “I think they were unfair in not wanting us to have that conversation,” he said.

“You’re not going to please everyone, that’s not my goal. My job is to help America understand the opportunity towards health,” he said. “The show has to be much broader than what might take place in a doctor’s office…I completely respect why so many of my colleagues might have a difficulty with that, but I’m also appreciative that many of them do understand why that’s important.”

[From Today]

As I’ve said before, Oz really needs to switch up his show format. If he’s serious about never talking about diet products again, that’s a good start. He’s not in much danger of losing his syndication deals because people enjoy watching him fanboy for a solid hour. I think he does need to choose between maintaining his Columbia tenure and being a talking head. Doing both isn’t working, at least not the way he behaves on his show. Or he could simply switch focus for a good chunk of his episodes. Maybe feature a bunch of cooking episodes. The man gets excited about pasta.

Dr Oz

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet; screencaps courtesy of Today



I know I don’t have to rehash this for you, the Johnny Depp week. And how they’ve turned that around in just 5 days. From “missing” and a “mess” to, oh, he might win an Oscar. Do women ever get the same courtesy?

Fine. I won’t turn this isn’t a feminist crusade. I’ll just get on with it and t…      

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