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I think Dolly Parton is one of those few “universally beloved” celebrities. She made very, very few enemies throughout her career, and in interviews, Dolly just seems like the epitome of grace and class. But we should also remember that she IS a country star and she lives in a part of the country that is deeply Republican. Recent, Blake Shelton seemed to pander and talk around the fact that he’s a Donald Trump supporter as a way of appeasing his “mainstream” fans. I think Dolly is doing the opposite – I think she’s voting for Hillary Clinton but she can’t say it because her country fans would feel alienated. That’s what I’m getting from this interview with ABC (she’s promoting her new album, Pure & Simple). Some highlights:

Why ‘9 to 5′ was an important movie: “It really touched on a really serious subject at the time. It was based on a company, a group called 9 to 5 and it was about women trying to get equal pay for equal work, so that really addressed that at the time. It still speaks to what’s going on today — we have come a long way as women. We’ve got Hillary Clinton almost in the White House, or could be. But the fact that she could be the first woman president, whether it’s her or not, somewhere down the road there’s going to be one. We’ve come far, but still have a long way to go. So I think that 9 to 5 is still just a fun thing for many reasons, and a good thing for many reasons.”

She hasn’t decided how she’ll vote: “At this time there’s so much craziness going on with the race I haven’t even decided yet how I’m going to vote. There’s just a lot of craziness going on. But whoever it is, we’ll all have to work together and be supportive of them. Whether it’s Hillary or whether it’s Donald Trump.”

Her LGBTQ fans: “I’m so outspoken about believing people should be who and how they are and be allowed to be happy and love who they please. With my gay and lesbian fans, I think they appreciate the fact that I’m just an accepting person. I try not to be judgemental.”

[From ABC News]

I think she’s decided who she will vote for and she just isn’t going to say. Which is totally her right – we’re not “owed” a celebrity’s political thoughts or political identification. She’s going to alienate people either way, so why not just play coy? And she managed to do it in a way that didn’t aggravate people either, unlike Blake Shelton, who made it sound like Donald Trump is a hero for showing white heterosexual men that they don’t have to be so afraid of saying bigoted sh-t.

Photos courtesy of WENN.


Here are some photos of Amy Schumer at this year’s Met Gala back in May. What you can’t see in these photos is the heavily-armed Met Gala police forcing her to attend. Yes, Amy did not want to attend this year’s Met Gala. She felt like she was being “punished” by putting on a fancy dress and having to interact with famous people. Her Met Gala invitation was likely guaranteed the second she agreed to pose for Vogue, but it doesn’t matter! What matters is that Amy hated everything about the Met Gala! That’s what she told Howard Stern.

Some celebrities spend years trying to get onto the Met Gala guest list, then, once they do, they spend months preparing for it. Amy Schumer, on the other hand, wishes this year’s invitation had gotten lost in the mail. In a recent interview with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM radio show, the 35-year-old comedian confessed to the host that the star-studded fashion event was far from fun, but rather a “punishment.”

“It’s people doing an impression of having a conversation … I don’t like the farce,” Schumer told Stern. “We’re dressed up like a bunch of f—king a–holes.”

Although Schumer attended as Alexander Wang’s date in a sexy, low-cut red gown embellished with chain detailing, she says throughout the evening, she kept wishing she was elsewhere — even after a surprise meet-and-greet with Queen Bey.

“I got to meet Beyoncé and she was like, ‘Is this your first Met Gala?’” the comedian said. “And I was like, ‘It’s my last.’”

What — seeing Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston tear it up on the dance floor wasn’t enough to make it fun? Schumer still wasn’t feeling it. “I don’t like it,” she said. “I have no interest in fashion … I don’t care.”

[From People]

This reminds me of the time, back in 2013, when Gwyneth Paltrow wore a pink princess gown to the punk-themed Met Gala and Gwyneth wouldn’t stop bad-mouthing the gala afterwards. Gwyneth also claimed that she had attended her last Met Gala, and she kept her word – she hasn’t been to one since. Gwyneth is unlike Amy Schumer though – Gwyneth is known for fashion/beauty stuff. It was always going to be strange to see Amy Schumer at the Met Gala because… she always acts like she’s so above all of that stuff. And here she is again, acting like the Met Gala is beneath her. Then why attend? Why agree to a Vogue cover? Why even engage in the fashion part of life at all? The bigger problem might be that Amy doesn’t really know what she wants or how she wants to present herself, as we’ve seen before. You can’t be “the normal, down-to-earth, average-sized girl” (which has long been part of Amy’s branding) AND be the woman who gets Vogue covers and attends the Met Gala. So choose. And stop complaining that a fancy gala was like a “punishment.”

Here are some photos of Schumer outside of Colbert this week. This outfit is so unflattering.


Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.


Jennifer Aniston’s mother Nancy Dow passed away in May of this year. Dow had been in poor health for many years, and it’s believed that Aniston did pay her mother one final visit in her last months. Aniston and her mom had been estranged for the better part of two decades, for good reason. In interviews, Aniston always gave the impression that her mother treated her mainly as competition, and once Aniston became famous, Nancy believed that she (Nancy) should profit from her daughter’s success. Aniston did say a decade ago that they had reconnected, although many believe that there was still a deep estrangement and that they were never going to really be close. I never blamed Aniston for that estrangement – Dow always seemed like a really manipulative piece of work, and sometimes you just need to disconnect.

A few months back, In Touch Weekly claimed that the estrangement was so deep that Nancy had cut her daughter out of her will as one final screw-you. I believed it. Just as I believe this story, that Jennifer’s final screw-you to her mother was that Jennifer didn’t even want her mom’s cremains.

Jennifer Aniston’s ambivalent feelings towards her late mom – who died three months ago at age 79 – continue. Now comes word that the 47-year-old Mother’s Day star is refusing to take Nancy Dow’s ashes and wants them nowhere near her, according to a report in In Touch Weekly. Jennifer attended the memorial service but when she was asked if she wanted to take Nancy’s ashes, the actress reportedly said no.

‘She said, “I don’t want them,”‘ a source close to the family told the publication, adding: ‘Someone tried to say that Jen thinks having the ashes around her home is morbid, that it’s not her style.’

Jennifer’s rejection came as somewhat of a shock to family and friends in spite of the distant mother-daughter relationship.

‘Everyone knows that she and Nancy had a horrible relationship,’ the source continued. ‘She was an absentee daughter and now, even with Nancy gone, it seems that she still doesn’t want her mom around.’

Jennifer and Nancy’s ‘feud goes beyond the grave,’ In Touch Weekly reported. The former Friends star had not seen her mother in several years, not since Nancy’s stroke in 2011. Then last spring, Jennifer flew to Los Angeles to say her final goodbyes to Nancy, who the source described as ‘sick, frail and alone’ during her final months before she passed away on May 25. In Touch Weekly reported that Jennifer’s husband, Justin Theroux, attended the memorial with his wife. The source told the publication that Justin ‘still thought Jen would take the ashes.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Again, I don’t blame Jennifer at all. Why would she want the ashes of a woman she barely knew, liked or loved? I wonder what Aniston’s therapist says about all of this! It could have been a moment to say goodbye to the past, perhaps taking the ashes and spreading them into the ocean or something. Or maybe Aniston already said her goodbyes and she has no interest in the ashes, full-stop. Also: I’m not one of those “ashes are morbid” people, but then again, I was sort of raised to believe the Hindu tradition of funeral pyres are quite normal/expected.

Photos courtesy of WENN.


With this summer flurry of Emmy-friendly Tiddlebanging, some have forgotten that some really cool people were also nominated for Emmys. Kit Harington got his first-ever Emmy nomination for his work in Game of Thrones, which no one seemed mad about. Kit’s acting has been hit-or-miss in previous seasons, but this season, he was EN FUEGO as winter arrived. Producers and Kit decided to submit the “Battle of the Bastards” episode for Emmy consideration, and that’s what brought him the nomination. It’s pretty great, because that was easily Kit’s best episode. Luckily, Kit hasn’t been oversaturating the media with Kit Harington Says Words. So I actually enjoyed this new interview with Kit in The Hollywood Reporter. Some highlights:

How he approached Jon Snow’s resurrection: “Having died at the end of the fifth season, I was told I’d come back, but they didn’t tell me anything about how. And I thought, “Is it going to be some seismic shift in Jon? Is he going to come back as a nasty person? Is he going to come back as fundamentally changed and altered?” And he comes back, and he’s the same. And then I thought, “Oh.” Sort of what he comes back with is the knowledge about life that very few people have, which is, there is nothing after it. And that’s terrifying for a young man who probably is religious in some ways and thinks he’ll see his father after he dies. He goes to the other side and there is nothing there. That is going to fundamentally change him inside. And it does.

His reaction to his first Emmy nomination: “I was more thrilled by it than I thought I would be. There’s something about a group of people turning around and saying, “We liked what you did.” It made me very happy. I wept. And that wasn’t at all what I expected. I expected to be a lot cooler about it.

The “buried alive in a sea of bodies” part of the Battle of the Bastards: “That piece came about with me and director Miguel Sapochnik having a conversation. Everything had backed up a bit and we were running out of time to shoot what we had intended. Miguel and I talked about what my greatest fears are. And as it happens, one of my greatest fears is a human crush — those horrible stories you hear about stadiums where people literally suffocate to death because they can’t get out of other people panicking. I thought if we could do that in this sequence, that could be really terrifying for the viewer….Strangely enough, without even thinking about it too much, when he breaks free and climbs his way back up, in a way it’s like a rebirth for him. He doesn’t give up. He doesn’t stay down. He fights his way out. It looks a lot like the shot when Daenerys [Emilia Clarke] is being held aloft by the free slaves. That was a happy accident. We didn’t realize how those two would be compared.”

Theories about Season 7: “It’s important to stress at this point that I haven’t had any scripts, so this is all guesswork for me. I think it’s going to get very bleak before if there is a happy ending. If there’s any sort of win or heroic moment for Jon and everyone else. I think it’s going to get very dark before it gets better. I think what we might see this season is those White Walkers and that Army of the Dead really come into force. So that’s going to be exciting to see. I don’t know what it means. I think with the whole “winter is finally here” business, it means everyone is going to have a really bad time.”

Thoughts about the end of Game of Thrones: “It has been in my consciousness a lot. This mammoth, Goliath event in my life, which has so much of what my 20s are, is going to come to an end. I think I’m going to really make the effort in these next two years to enjoy every moment of it, because I don’t know when I’ll get something like this coming around again.”

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

It seems like Kit has – hopefully – moved past the stage where he acts like he’s the most aggrieved person in the room, aggrieved because he’s so famous and he’s such a hunk. I think that version of Kit got quietly phased out this year as he (hopefully) spoke to some publicists and media-relations consultants. This new version of Kit is rather lovely. I loved this: “It made me very happy. I wept. And that wasn’t at all what I expected. I expected to be a lot cooler about it.” Aw. He thought he was going to be all cool about it but he ended up crying! That’s so sweet.

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of WENN, Getty.

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas during an appearance on CBS's 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.'

Yet another pop artist has been sued for copyright infringement. Given the success of the lawsuit by Marvin Gaye’s estate vs. Robin Thicke and Pharrell for “Blurred Lines,” I suspect we’ll be seeing more of these type of lawsuits, not that they’re all without merit. Sometimes as a layperson I have a hard time hearing the similarities between songs. In this case, the beats, rhythm and music in the two songs sounds glaringly similar to me, as the lawsuit alleges. (You can compare the songs below.) Demi Lovato is being sued by a group named Sleigh Bells for similarities between her song “Stars,” a bonus track from her Confident album, out last fall, and their song “Infinity Guitars,” released in 2010. The alleged infringement first came to light in November, when Sleigh Bells tweeted a message to Demi thanking her for sampling their songs (apparently there are similarities to another song of theirs) but stating that the samples had not been cleared. The producers of Demi’s album denied sampling Sleigh Bells’s work and I would assume they were unable to reach any kind of agreement, because now a lawsuit has been filed.

Demi Lovato was named in a complaint filed Monday in a California federal court by the indie group Sleigh Bells, which includes musicians Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller.

The complaint alleges that Lovato and her team (UMG Recordings and producers Carl Falk and Rami Yacoub) used material from the Sleigh Bells’ song “Infinity Guitars” for Lovato’s song “Stars.” The Huffington Post has reached out to reps for Lovato and Sleigh Bells and will update this post accordingly.

“The sonic qualities of portions of ‘Infinity Guitars’ and ‘Stars’ are at least substantially similar,” the complaint reads. “The signal decay and other sonic signatures in each of the songs are comprised of and contain virtually identical content, and analyses of the two songs reveal that they are, at least in part, substantially similar, virtually identical, or identical.”

After Lovato released “Stars” on her album, “Confident,” Sleigh Bells tweeted at the singer in November 2015, saying, “Demi Lovato flattered you guys sampled Infinity Guitars & Riot Rhythm for ‘Stars’ but we were not contacted. Gotta clear those.”

Producers Falk and Yacoub responded to the alleged infringement last November in a statement to Rolling Stone.

“We did not use any samples in Demi Lovato’s song ‘Stars,’” the statement read. “Demi was also not involved with the production. She only wrote top line.”

[From Huffington Post]

It sounds like Demi didn’t have anything to do with this alleged sampling or infringement, but given that the news came out about it in November, and that it made it into the press, she probably should have followed up on it. Maybe her people assured her it was being taken care of.

It’s not all bad news for Demi Lovato. She celebrated her 24th birthday on Saturday and got a personal video message from the cast of The Walking Dead singing her happy birthday. How did she swing that? Demi posted a video of it to her snapchat, and you can watch it here. The actor who plays Eugene, Josh McDermitt, says in the message “I do appreciate the female form and throwing it out there to see if you wanna take me down to your paradise.” That made Demi laugh out loud. And now I have “Cool for The Summer” stuck in my head. Demi has not yet responded to the news of this lawsuit.

Here’s Demi’s song “Stars”:

And here’s Sleigh Bells’ song “Infinity Guitars”:

#hondacivictour #futurenow

A photo posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on Aug 16, 2016 at 6:17pm PDT

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas performing on their 'Future Now' Tour
Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas performing on their 2016 Honda Civic Tour: Future Now
Brad Paisley at GMA
Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas during an appearance on CBS's 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.'

Photos credit: WENN.com


When Donald Trump decided to run for president, NBC announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger would replace him on Celebrity Apprentice. For anyone unfamiliar with the show, a group of celebrities compete with each other in business like situations for a $250,000 prize awarded to the winner’s charity of choice. If a team loses, someone from that team is fired by the host/chairman. When Trump acted as chairman on the show, his catchphrase was “You’re Fired.” Not a very clever or original catchphrase but, well, let’s consider the source. Pretty much as soon as it was announced Arnold would take over for Trump, people started speculating about what Arnold’s slogan for the show would be. Most hypothesized it would be a Terminator reference, like, “You’re terminated” or “You won’t be back.” NBC exec Paul Telegdy said in January that the new slogan had been selected but not announced until the show debuts. I guess they decided to move that up because the only line spoken by Arnold in the first Teaser is, “Let’s get down to business” and that’s sounds fairly slogany to me. The show is set to air next January.

Celebrity Apprentice is getting another celebrity-turned-politician to sit in Donald Trump’s chair: The first teaser for the upcoming season of the business competition show reveals Arnold Schwarzenegger’s debut as host of what is now The New Celebrity Apprentice.

“Let’s get down to business,” Schwarzenegger states authoritatively in the promo, which plays on his Terminator past as machinery pieces his body together.

The upcoming Schwarzenegger-helmed season 8 of The Celebrity Apprentice will feature contestants Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Boy George, Carnie Wilson, Jon Lovitz, Laila Ali, Brooke Burke-Charvet, Eric Dickerson, Matt Iseman, Carrie Keagan, Carson Kressley, Lisa Leslie, Vince Neil, Kyle Richards, Porsha Williams, Chael Sonnen, and Ricky Williams. Schwarzenegger will be aided by his advisors, Warren Buffett, Steve Ballmer, Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba, and nephew Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger.

[From Entertainment Weekly]

Here is the teaser:

When I heard the slogan, I was hopeful they were moving away from the whole Terminator thing but then I saw the trailer and, although not surprised, I can see they are not trying to distance themselves from that at all. Obviously the contestant list is mostly a powder keg waiting for a spark. I could see Lisa Leslie going pretty far. And Carson Kressley. I wonder if Chael Sonnen will still be a part of the show, his newborn daughter tragically died last week from listeriosis.

I think Arnold will do a good job in this role. He loves his quips and condescending humor to silence others so he will be both entertaining and reminiscent of Trump. I imagine sitting across the boardroom table from him as he puffs on a cigar in some throne-like seat will make for great television. He’d better work out because NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt said Trump sure as hell is not welcome back. Alba and Banks are good choices for advisors and Warren Buffet will probably be the reason to watch the show. The advisors were always the best part, especially George Ross. As for Arnold’s business advice? Since my children attend schools gasping for air as the result of some of Arnold’s ‘business decisions’ while governor, I should probably keep my mouth shut.



Photo credit: WENN and Fame/Flynet Photos


If it’s not bad enough that actress Jaimie Alexander has to sit in a chair for seven hours so that makeup artists can apply the fake tattoos for her character on Blindspot, she’s also getting knocked around on the set. The 32-year-old actress got banged up while filming a fight scene for the NBC series on Monday. Jaimie took to Twitter to let her fans know, tweeting:

Broke my nose today during a fight scene. Somehow I feel that makes me cooler ???? #BLINDSPOT ?

— Jaimie Alexander (@JaimieAlexander) August 22, 2016

I wonder if she gets hazard pay? Breaking her nose might make her cooler, but returning to work the very next day makes her a total bad ass. On Tuesday, she posted a picture from the Blindspot set where she was in character:

Back at it ?? #BLINDSPOT pic.twitter.com/07RFkDYCe5

— Jaimie Alexander (@JaimieAlexander) August 23, 2016

You can’t really see her injury in the picture, but there’s a logical reason for that. Responding to a tweet from Gotham star Drew Powell, who called her “hockey player tough” Jaimie credits the lack of visible injuries to “Makeup magic!”

Jaimie, who is soon to be seen on the big screen reprising her role as Sif in Thor: Ragnarok, has been posting pictures from the set of Blindspot, which kicks off its second season on September 14. She posted one with show creator Martin Gero being, as she put it, “In our element.”

In our element. One of my favorite people to work with. @martingero ??? #BLINDSPOT

A photo posted by Jaimie Alexander (@jaimiealexander) on Aug 19, 2016 at 6:00am PDT

Full confession: I don’t watch Blindspot, but Jaimie seems like a kick-ass, cool chick. And it’s admirable that she came back into work the very next day after getting her nose broken. I’m sure my fellow cubicle dwellers would take the opportunity to milk an injury like that for at least a few days off, right?




photos credit: WENN and FameFlynet

Dane Cook holds a grudge like a megalomaniac billionaire. And he’s not up on his news – how is he just hearing about Gawker now?! Good ol’ Dane piqued my interest, so if you are wondering what he is so upset about, maybe it’s the time Gawker categorized him as one of America’s worst comedians. Or…

Dane Cook holds a grudge like a megalomaniac billionaire. And he’s not up on his news – how is he just hearing about Gawker now?! Good ol’ Dane piqued my interest, so if you are wondering what he is so upset about, maybe it’s the time Gawker categorized him as one of America’s worst comedians. Or…

Duana and I kicked it old school when Harry Potter And The Cursed Child came out, lining up at midnight and rushing home to read it before dawn. Ben Affleck probably didn’t. He probably had it sent to him. But, if he’s anything like he used to be, he read it right away. Last year, on his birthday…

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