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A Gossip about Jennifer Aniston

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As Jennifer Aniston gears up to celebrate her 40th birthday next week, the milestone, it seems, is leaving her in a tizzy.

Although the former ‘Friends’ star says that she’s feeling great– she admits to a moment where she feels she doesn’t want to turn 40.

“I have to say really, I feel better than I ever felt in my life,” People quoted Jennifer as saying on The

Ellen DeGeneres Show .

“I did have a moment, though, over the weekend my first like huh. … I don’t want to [turn 40].

“I found a really long gray hair and it kind of flipped me out. It’s not my first but it’s the fact that it was so long. I was like, ‘Oh that’s been there. How many others are there, and what does that mean?

“It actually brought me to tears slightly,” she added.

Jenna Jameson’s Profile

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Jenna Jameson was born Jenna Marie Massoli on April 9, 1974. Her father was a Las Vegas cop and her mother was a Vegas showgirl, who died of cancer when Jenna was 3. As a young girl, Jenna took ballet, developing a skill which would later come in handy at her first job. She was always attractive, and was a frequent entrant in local beauty pageants. At an early age, Jenna’s sexuality started developing, and she began taking frequent peeks at her father’s adult magazines. jenna-jameson

Actress Jenna Fischer, star of “The Office,” opened up at a recent movie premiere about her plans for the summer. Her plans don’t involve shooting a movie or any big adventures either.jenna-fischerThe actress said she plans on sitting by her pool and drinking margaritas. Fischer told People.com at the Hollywood premiere of her new comedy “The Promotion” that she was going to take it easy.

Fischer, who split from her husband writer/director James Gunn in September, says she will also enjoy the single life. The 34-year-old actress said she plans to have her girlfriends over and have barbecues. She said, “It will be nice. I hope that I’m not sadly drinking margaritas alone!”

Just so her fans don’t worry about her, Fischer did say she has one activity planned that doesn’t include poolside drinks. She will make a few runs to her local Target store.

Jeff Goldblum is dating British singer Imogen Heap, it has been claimed.The ‘Jurassic Park’ actor, 55, was seen hugging and kissing the 30-year-old musician as they strolled around London’s Hyde Park earlier this week.

An onlooker said, “They looked so cute. They were both wrapped up in parka coats to ward off the cold English weather, and at one point Jeff started blowing on and kissing Imogen’s hands to warm them up.”

“They were laughing and joking as they walked around the park, and generally looked as though they were having a really good time.”

Jeff is divorced from Patricia Gaul and ‘Thelma and Louise’ star Geena Davis. He has also been romantically linked to ‘Sex and the City’ actress Kirstin Davis and his ‘Jurassic Park’ co-star Laura Dern.

Imogen is a Grammy-nominated singer who is most famous for her work as part of electronic music duo Frou Frou with Guy Sigsworth. Her solo material has been used in the soundtracks for TV shows ‘Heroes’ and ‘The O.C.’ and movies including ‘The Last Kiss’ and ‘Just Like Heaven’.

Jayden James Federline

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jayden-jamesIt’s official! Britney’s second son is no longer in hiding! Aloha, Jayden!

Paparazzi finally caught the single mother of two in Hawaii, carrying her up-til-now mysterious little formerly bundled-up bundle of joy, Jayden James. Britney spent some time alone in Mexico last week, and is continuing her R&R in Hawaii with the kids and cousin Alli. Lip-synching is exhaustin’, ya know!

Britney may not have planned for this reveal, but it’s clear that the Britster doesn’t look too pleased after spotting a photog. It’s also clear that Sean Preston’s wedgie looks like it hurts. Ouch, y’all!

Despite Britney Spears’ blog proclaiming that Sean Preston and Jayden James will be joining her for her Circus tour, Kevin Federline’s camp insists no deal is done.

“We are working toward that,” K-Fed’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said.

“There can be an agreement reached in probably the next day, but there is not an agreement that is signed at this point,” he added.

Mark Vincent Kaplan says they are still hammering out the finals details, but the basic agreement will allow Britney Spears to see her two sons on “pretty much the same schedule that she has now,” which is around three days a week.
Kevin Federline “is working to make [Sean Preston and Jayden James] accessible by going to various central locations in various areas of the country.”
He is doing that because he wants her to be able to have the maximum positive environment around her to assure the tour will be successful,” says Kaplan.

The $4,000 per week Britney is offering probably helps.jayden

JAY-Z’s Profile

Author: Admin | Filed under: Jay-Z

Jay-Z was born Shawn Corey Carter, on December 4, 1969 and was raised in the Marcy Projects of Brooklyn, New York. During his school days, he befriended a young Christopher Wallace, who grew up to be known as the Notorious B.I.G.

As a hustler in his rough neighborhood, Jay-Z used his money to finance a career in music and released independent records in the late ’80s. His parents were avid record collectors and Jay-Z would sit down at the dining room table as a child writing rhymes w…jay-z

JASON LEE ‘s Profile

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Jason Lee (born April 25, 1970, in Huntington Beach, California) is an American actor.

Lee’s first career was as a professional skateboarder in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Notable tricks performed by Lee (and there were many) were 360 kickflips, kickflip backside tailslides, and curb cut launched Japan airs. He was co-founder of Stereo skateboards (along with Chris Pastras) in 1992, a company which has been revived by the pair as of 2004 after having been defunct for several yea…

Britney Spears Is A New Man?

Author: Admin | Filed under: Jason Filyaw

Aside from die-hard fans of his band, RIVA, few people know Jason Filyaw all that well. That’s why The Gossip is proud to bring you a new Jason Filyaw picture sent to us by a fan – looks like he rocks out pretty darn hard!Whether or not Jason Filyaw and Britney Spears are romantically involved or just friends
remains to be seen, but TMZ has talked to Filyaw and confirmed a relationship of some sorts between the two, who originally met back in 2003.

Sources say they’ve recently reconnected and gotten closer – so much so that Britney Spears calls him constantly? The photo at right has surfaced of a woman resembling the troubled star making a phone call at a gas station.

Hitting up gas stations and fast food joints is definitely one of Spears’ top pastimes (minus assaulting photographers, of course) and she’s allowed to leave rehab for AA meetings and such. But we can’t tell if it’s her. What do you think?jason-filyaw

Jaslene Gonzalez may have been a little much for Tyra Banks
and company during casting for lajaslene-gonzalezst season – won by English – but the competitive 20-year-old returned for Cycle 8 won over reality TV critics and fans.

Jaslene’s miraculous turnaround ended last night when she won America’s Next Top Model, beating out Natasha and Renee for the ultimate prize.

Joining Caridee and six other ANTM champs, Jaslene Gonzalez got a celebratory breast squeeze by Tyra Banks.

Just kidding. Jaslene talked to People magazine about her unexpected Top Model victory and all the hectic drama along the (run)way….

Q: What was it like to see your picture on the screen and be named America’s Next Top Model?
Jaslene Gonzalez: I didn’t even look at the picture. I was waiting to hear Tyra Banks say my name. Then I looked! Once I looked at the screen my legs got weak. I couldn’t move. I was in shock. They didn’t show it, but I was actually holding onto Natasha for like 15 minutes.

THG NOTE: Our knees get weak when we see Michelle Ryan. Damn!

Q: You didn’t make the final cut during casting for Cycle 7. How does it feel to come back and win it all?
Jaslene Gonzalez: It means so much. For Cycle 7, things didn’t work out, but I’m glad. I was a little too crazy, a little too much. So, second time around I tried to compose myself and show a cooler swagger. I went back stronger than ever. This is what I wanted and I got it.

Click here for our recap of the season finale of America’s Next Top Model …

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