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Dane Cook Picture

Author: Admin | Filed under: Dane Cook

dane-cookHey, I’m Dane Cook! I think I’m frickin hilarious, but I actually try way too hard to be funny and am not all that humorous in real life


Looking healthier but just as eccentric as usual, Courtney Love was spotted venturing about Malibu, California on Sunday afternoon (January 4).

With a male escort in tow, the two indulged in a bit of shopping with Courtney sporting a 1920’s ensemble complete with DIY shoes.

According to an onlooker, “Love seemed in great spirits as she chatted with a paparazzo while quite oblivious to the chilly conditions.”

Meanwhile, Courtney’s MySpace blog has been a happening place as of late, most recently seeing a long post by someone titled “Courtney’s Myspace Administrator.”

Among the more interesting topics in a somewhat incoherent post, Love mentions her newfound love of sewing and makes a reference to Kelly Ripa owning real estate on Jekyll Island, along with announcing plans for an upcoming appearance on “The View.”

Love writes, “Karmas a b***h buyt the amex fraud people are possibly worse, so look happy new year lets make this a great one for all its a time of hope and of change of justice and of picking up the pieces of the worst presdient in us history. I cant wait to do my view stint, I think whoopi goldberg is top 5 coolest people on the planet, but lets let thegrownups who loathe it when i ‘blog’ deal with everything, lotsa love – Cork.”

Courteney Cox

Author: Admin | Filed under: Courtney Cox

"The Butler's in Love" LA PremiereCourteney Cox was born in Birmingham, Alabama on June 15th, 1964. She is the youngest of four children. Courteney and her mother had a usual mother-daughter relationship, but she was closest with her father who was a building contractor. At the age of ten, her parents divorced after 19 years of marriage, while Courteney, her brother and two other sisters stayed with the mother as a result. Courteney went to Mountain Brook High, a public school in Birmingham, and worked her afternoons at …


New York Yankees baseball pitcher Cory Lidle was killed last night when his light aircraft crashed into a New York skyscraper.It is believed that Lidle was with his flying instructor when he lost control of the plane and hit the building; he was planning to fly to California in his Cirus SR20 to meet with his wife who had taken a commercial flight home.As the plane hit the tall building a fireball erupted and debris fell to the road below creating a dark cloud reminiscent of 9/11.A passer-by Rich Behar told the Sun: ?It brought back memories of 9/11. There was complete pandemonium when it hit.?People were running and screaming down the street. They were also screaming in the apartments. Parts of the plane and glass was falling on to the street.?Another eye witness May Cha believes she saw smoke coming from the rear end of the plane prior to it crashing, she said: ?It looked like it was flying erratically for the short time I saw it.?Lidle?s agent, Jordan Feagan, said of the millionaire baseball player: ?Cory wasn?t just my client, he was my closest friend.?Lidle is survived by his wife and six year old son.

clive-owenClive Owen looked dapper in yet another jacket and button-down combination as he made his way out of Sure restaurant in LA earlier this week. Clive touched down in the states just a few days ago, but he’ll be packed up and heading back overseas before we know it. , which means we are looking forward to more clean up Clive on the red carpet next week.

Stories about Clay Aiken

Author: Admin | Filed under: Clay Aiken

clay-aikenWhen he decided to become a father, he also decided to come clean about his sexuality.  And has officially declared, “I’m gay.”

He told press, “It was the first decision I made as a father.  I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn’t raised that way, and I’m not going to raise a child to do that.

She’s been escorted around by her lady love Samantha Ronson as of late, but Lindsay Lohan is finally back in the driver’s seat following her recent DUI conviction!
With LiLo’s reps confirming that she has, indeed, gotten her California driver’s license back, the “Mean Girls” starlet was spotted out tooling around in Santa Monica earlier today (February 4).
Going back to a near match of the car she wrecked back in 2007, LiLo looked quite pleased to be back behind the wheel of her brand new black Mercedes SL550.90204P7

Aside from getting her wheels back, Examiner is also reporting that Miss Lohan is leasing a new crib in the Hollywood Hills.

Cindy Taylor

Author: Admin | Filed under: Cindy Taylor

cindy-taylorCindy Taylor was out for a night on the town last night at Crown Bar in Los Angeles.  The Paraguayan born model and actress has had cameo roles in Wedding Crashers and the sequel to Bachelor Party. She has graced the cover of magazines such as Shape, Esquire, and Glamour.

Cindy Margolis’s Profile

Author: Admin | Filed under: Cindy Margolis

cindy-margolisBorn on October 1, 1965 in Los Angeles, California, this blonde bombshell is not only known as the “Queen of the Internet,” but also as a talk show host, model and actress.

It all started when Cindy was working on a project for a college business course she was taking. She took her project idea of greeting cards

Further and launched her own greeting card line, with Cindy as the cover model for the cards. Agents started to ask about this greeting card cover girl, considering the fact…

Celebrity Lookalikes

Author: Admin | Filed under: Cindy Crawford

From the beginning of her career, Eva has been compared with supermodel Cindy Crawford. Could it be because of the mole, their intriguing stare or their exotic looks? We have no doubt that Mendes could have found success on the runway too.

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